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Assange Arrested


Ecuador has finally caved and given up Assange.

Any bets for how quickly he ends up Sate side?



Holy shit, this is pretty huge news.

I see two outcomes…

  1. Never see him again.
  2. Asked to testify in 2016 election stuff in regards to emails.
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Number 1 is most likely. It’s been pretty clear his health has been on the downward spiral having to live in isolation and what not. So it would be a very easy cover up excuse



Statement from the Ecuadorian president:

According to one of his lawyers, the arrest was made because of a US extradition request, as well as the breach of bail conditions. Swedish prosecutors are also going to press for extradition, too.

Best case scenario, he’s extradited to Sweden to face charges there, as Sweden’s extradition agreement with the US prohibits extradition on political offences. Don’t want to presume his guilt/innocence with regards to that.

Edit - Well, there you go.



Let’s see how this extradition goes, whilst the UK to US extradition is quite simple compared to many others it hasn’t stopped a few hackers using mental health issues as a reason to win an appeal against extradition. I’d be surprised if there is no challenge to the extradition.



I expect he’ll be in the US by next week.

This is a tricky issue, because Wikileaks should without a doubt be protected under the US 1st amendment as a journalism publication. So if they try to prosecute for the Chelsea Manning leaks that would be very tricky for them.

While Wikileaks was undoubtedly used by the Russian Federation and Fancy Bear to leak documents to influence the 2016 election, I can’t imagine any scenario where that wouldn’t be a protected action under the 1st amendment too. Even if they coordinated with Moscow to time releases to help Trump and hurt Clinton, even if they conspired and deliberately held back releases that could have helped Clinton, all of that would be covered by the 1st amendment.

So given all that, I really don’t know what they’ll charge him with. Maybe if they suggested targets to Guccifer 2.0/Fancy Bear, Assange might be held culpable for that?



You could be right, looks like they are wasting no time to get him in front of a judge to process the extradition. I don’t think the UK government wants him in the country for any longer that necessary.



I don’t think putting the lives of undercover operatives in lethal danger is protected under the First Amendment.

May the flames of hell consume him before the day is done.

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Dumping papers publicly is not what anyone would consider journalism imo



Going in front of a Magistrate quickly is pretty common, and often a precursor to a proper trial. I think it might be like an arraignment/ bail type hearing before a pre-trial custody.
In this case, he might not be in custody long before extradition


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5 days



Dumping papers publicly is not what anyone would consider journalism imo

I think wikileaks attempted to be more whistleblower then journalism but ended up not being much of either.

Lord knows there is no longer any benefit to being whistleblower. In the Us the protections are simply not there. The leaker should expect the good shit in their life to be over and that they people they pissed off will go to great lengths to ruin their life. Even if you escape “Justice” your situation will still be shit in asylum. I’m sure the cherry on top of that shit sunday is watching as package deal politics twists the information enough that no one will care and nothing will change.

Keep abuses of power and crimes of the wealth and powerful to yourself.



rip assange

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Especially not checking for identifying info first.
Snowdon did a much better job



Once he steps to US grounds, it doesnt matter who makes what stand



It doesn’t matter. They will either get him on a technicality (inciting violence) or he will go to a secret court and they will just do whatever they want there.



It isn’t responsible journalism. But it is very much arguable as journalism.



WTF you watch the video? While hand-cuffed, 8 people carried him out of the embassy, and threw him into a van. Like he is the most dangerous mofo that ever lived.

100% he is going to get tortured, US would want to know everything about the interworkings of wikileaks.



Everything is arguable