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ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate - General Discussion


Well, Ryzen really likes single rank B-die and everything else is a bit experimental.
Are you on the latest BIOS?


Yup, latest BIOS.

i thought all the RAM stuff was sorted by now? Really didn’t expect issues with 3000…


I thought it was too, and that getting 3200MHz was pretty well evened out now at least on 2 DIMMs.


Yeah im only using 2 DIMMs… 2x16s…


Well there’s your problem.

Can you give me the exact model number?


Well, sorted for 2x8’s anyway. IIRC 2x16 is always more difficult/less likely.


eh, i’ll sort the RAM out later, still pulling hair out trying to get windows installed.

documentation on this is a frickin joke, have been building PCs since 1992, never has it been this much of a root around.

guessing it would be just dandy if i had a DVD drive. but… i don’t, at least not installed. and really not keen to go install one, its 2:30am here…


Is this an M.2 SATA drive or just a normal drive? It’s not showing up in BIOS at all?


Normal SATA SSD.

Shows in bios just fine, i even installed linux to it just fine.

I’m stuck at the windows 10 install screen where it says there is a media driver missing and can’t proceed.

I’m currently picking drivers at random to try and load to get it to see drives.


thank fuck for that. my old windows install from my intel machine actually boots (failed previously, running DDR4-2933).

i’ll run with this for now.


That sounds like it’s the thumbdrive and not the board/SSD. Maybe try remaking the install USB? I always use Rufus, but issues are a thing of course.


In any case this seems not to be a mainboard specific thing so it would be nice if you could make a topic about it somewhere more fitting. As I said already, you’ll probably get better help in the windows section.


Nah, it’s the fact that Asrock can’t frickin label the drivers required to get Windows installed.

And this is kinda board specific; it relates to getting the OS used by 90% of PCs on the planet onto it…


BIOS 1.50 is out … for over a week actually … totally missed that until now.
Gonna install later today or tomorrow.


I really, really wish they’d put change-logs up for these.

In fact, that’s a gripe i have with the industry in general at the moment. NO, change logs aren’t “We release regular updates in order to ensure the best experience” (looking at you, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.).

I want to know what changed in order to better prepare or decide when to roll it out!


Well, i updated.

There are more memory timings available, and my particular kit of memory now boots and runs firestrike at 2866 (which wasn’t available before, only 2800 or 2933; 2866 and 3000 are available).

It’s a non-QVL G.Skill 3000 dual rank 32 GB kit.

Running it at 2866 was as simple as enable XMP and pick 2866.

Timings look a lot better out of the box too.


I’ve held off on updating, is there any real reason to?


I don’t have any problems.


am i the only one with strange CPU temperature in the UEFI? it shows 58-62 °C while i am sure it is lower.

the cpu is cooled by noctua U12 mounted and cold to touch

k10temp-pci on linux reports 34-40 °C; nct6779-isa-0290 shows CPUTIN a negative value that is visible in UEFI as positive (~ -60 °C)

Ryzen 2700x
Asrock x470 taichi ultimate


Maybe not the latest kernel?

Oh, in the UEFI? You know it pumps a bit more voltage there, right?