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ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate - General Discussion


I have the feeling that this board is gonna be interesting for A LOT of people here.
So any opinions, user experience or BIOS updates and stuff goes in here.

I just got mine and I quickly decided to take off the plastic cover from the I/O and also not use the shield as well. It’s gonna live in a rack so it needs every little bit of airflow possible.

For now I have to put it to the side but it’s gonna be a fun day tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m planning on using this board on my next build in a month or so. I’m still on a Intel 6 core X99 build that’s over 3 yrs old now so I’m looking forward to moving to a new platform. I’ve been having issues with the motherboard’s usb controller. I’ll be loosing some PCI-E lanes but I don’t think I need that many any more since I’ve been steering clear of multi-gpu setups. I’m also glad that it has onboard 10g. I can re-purpose the add in card I’m using now on my Linux machine.


Its indeed a very nice board for its price.
In terms of feutures it offers more then the Asus Crosshair VII Hero.
I´m currious about the 10Gbe chip and linux support.


AQC107 support was merged in Linux 4.11.


Yeah, it is the same chip that is on the Asus standalone card as well.
So it should “just work” but I still haven’t got the time to check the board out.


Finally put it together.

Cabled up:

And fully stuffed:

Funny thing: Website has UEFI 1.10 and Beta versions 1.30 and 1.36.
My board has 1.20. … yeah, I don’t know either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gonna install Manjaro tonight.


Looks good, currious about how its works especially on Manjaro.


I have the non-ultimate X470 Taichi and noticed that it doesn’t have a serial port connector. It looks like there is a spot on the MB for one but it’s not connected. So if you want to set up a serial console you’ll have to use a PCIe card.

I did have a good experience with RAM compatibility. I threw in 2 x 16GB G. Skill DDR4-3200 CL16 DIMMs, chose the XMP profile, and it has been rock solid.


Oh, I forgot to add it here. So, from the L1T X470 Taichi topic:

I can only tell you that my G.Skill 4133 C19 kit won’t run stable at anything above 3200. Testing with mprime -t throws errors. I can set the proper timings (14,14,14,14,34) but even running the XMP timings I can’t raise clocks. It will post up to 3600 or even a bit higher but it isn’t stable. I got the board with version 1.20 (which isn’t listed on the website btw.) and I am now on the latest Beta BIOS 1.36A on the Taichi Ultimate.

My system is stuffed into a short 4U rack case and the best cooler I can fit is the NH-C14S. I get around 55°C in games at low rpm, 65°C under real load and when mprime runs the worst stuff it gets up to 72°C at around 1300-1400RPM. At that point the system is definitely audible but still acceptable. … I bought it to run fast, not silent. :wink:


2 X 16GB on X470 running at 3200? Please report speeds, timings, settings, adventures here!

It’s especially interesting since several reviews on vendor sites mention issues getting past 2933 on the X470 Taichi.


x470 Taichi Ultimate just came out yesterday in Canada… It was already sold out… Like wtf.


Tell me about it. I was looking to get the non-Ultimate Taichi at Zen+ launch. But availability was set for 2 weeks after… and then it got delayed another 2-3 weeks. In between it may have been available very briefly, then sold out. Frustrating.

Fun fact, they had a mail in rebate for these boards which expired before the product ever became available.


@noenken Any chance you’ve gotten to put this through its paces? On the verge of moving to AM4 and reviews on this are sparse


I bought a second one for another build. Didn’t even look at other boards. :wink:

It works great for me, it reports everything to linux which my old Asus prime X370 pros don’t, 10Gb is running full blast… I have nothing bad to report. I don’t have tons of SATA, I don’t use the second M.2 or all the PCIe, I don’t do virtualization … in short I can’t say it does everything. But I don’t have any complains really. Memory speed could improve… but that could also just be my chip.

So far it has been a damn solid board for me.


Just what I needed to hear :smiley: Expect a post in the somewhat near future :wink:


Shameless link to my own thread


Just picked up an X470 taichi, installing windows, guessing i need the all-in-1 driver off asrock to find the USB install media storage?

(for windows 10 i mean. will be running looking glass under linux but at the moment just wanting to push it through some benchmarks, etc. to verify everything all good)

32 GB G-skill Trident Z DDR4-3000
2x Vega 64 air
1 TB Samsung 860 evo
500 GB Samsung 850 evo


Ok this is driving me mad. I have no optical drive, can’t find any info online for what drivers/order to install to get my SATA storage visible to install to.

I’ve downloaded various drivers from ASROCK, but…

Any ideas? Trying to install from USB to SATA SSD… Windows 10 build 1803.

Gah… think i was downloading the wrong driver pack. The one for the APUs… trying again…


I can’t help here, linux (at least current distros) doesn’t have that issue.
Maybe make a topic on hat in the windows section? Could yield better results.
I guess there is more boards with this SATA controller.


Yeah linux is fine on fedora 28. As above i think i was accidentally downloading the APU driver, because ryzen 2000 series…

This isn’t exactly clear, lol:

as an aside. Trident Z non-rgb, DDR4-3000. Won’t boot at DDR4-2933. Works at DDR4-2800 pre-defined timings in the bios. that’s a bit… crap