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ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4 Review + Linux Test | Level One Techs



3:22: VRMs 6:38: Linux Test 11:08: Memory Test

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@wendell Hey Windell,
Genuinely didnt mean to be pedantic, it could be taken both ways (at least in my head) so I wanted to be super clear


That Abigail should meet mystery angel.


yeah, in reference to Abigail’s comment, I hate the attitude about things being “just fine unless youve got LN2 hardy har har” like there’s a difference between actually hardcore overclocking (no pun intended) and a ‘baby’s first overclock’

I dont know what voodoo magic wendell was using because there’s no way I would be caught dead with a 2700x in a fucking 3 phase. If the heatsink wasnt actually a fair heatsink, It would be dead inside a year. absolutely ridiculous on a midrange b450 board


And they should have a nice conversation with Buildzoid and stream the whole thing…

QUESTION for @wendell: I have noticed this in a few videos now, but the Cooler Master AIO… Is it intentional, that the one fan is RGB fever dream, while the other isn’t? I mean is the second fan dead light or non rgb or whatever? It bugs me…

As for the board - I like the fact you have 2xM.2 NVME support… Not just 1nvme and 1sata…


Want talking about you, there are 3-4 other replies on there that are “well akshually” haha like that other reply to you

The next Mobo vid is really going to troll those folks I can’t wait


I unplugged one for the lulz


I am still a believer that low-end setups or designs like that has nothing to do in above low-end tier motherboards in terms of the VRM’s. Just because the x450 can handle some overclocking, does not mean that the VRM-design gives you the full benefit of it. Now, I still detest the B350 boards, but sadly I own three. It will be my personal opinion in full, but it’s the last time I ever get a non high-end chipset. the xX70 series actually ramps up so you have actual features available - but don’t have to use them. The double nvme support, asus did that with a B350 mini-ITX.

edit - granted the 450 is a much needed refresh of “mid-tier”.


So basically A320/A420 only?
This VRM (it’s literally copy-paste from their B350 boards) runs 100% 8 core fairly warm, I can say hot. But it runs. I mean come on, it’s nowhere near 125 C and this will be even lower thermally wise on a 6 core. On top of that it have somehow decent heatisnk, unlike the lot of them…

The VRM is not great, but it does the job…


Yes, there shouldn’t really be any similarities between them. I also base my opinion with the possibility of it going 8+. Here’s the thing - if it runs hot already, where’s my headroom for oc? Yeah, does it job stock, but not enough headroom. All manufactures seems to like this approach.


You can’t really expect proper 8 phase (even 4 with doublers) on an 80$ board. Seriously, that’s why X470 exists. Other than that X470 don’t really have much else to offer.

It runs hot already, but the board isn’t really ment for hardcore 8 core OC… It’s probably ment for hardcore 4 core OC and mid range 6 core… The high power 8 cores have 70 chipsets… I agree with that, but I don’t agree, that this should be a low end board, because it doesn’t have a true 8 phase… No board have true 8 phase… They have 4 with doublers… In the best case 6 with doublers to make it 12 phases.


True true. Still, they have three different tiers A, B and X. They have cpu’s that works with all of them (unsure about A-series?). And they have oc features from B-series. I do not really care that it might not be for it - but it’s officially supported, and you have boards that lack in design all over - for just supported features. I can take that the A-series chipsets might run hot, they are not meant to be touched in that sense. But B and X are. Hence - I want a design from manufacturers that mirrors the feature-set…


okay so youre talking out of your ass. does it support overclocking Ryzen 2000 or what? image
9 phases? not even fucking close. please dont shill for motherboard marketing departments. the engineering on the vast majority of low end boards SUCK. they are objectively doing a bad job allocating resources to the VRMs to chase a look of performance


No, actually I have a mouth…

I don’t… I never said this is the best there is. I said that it does the job and you can overclock the low end quad cores and the mid range 6 cores…

Wrong again. The engineering on all low end boards suck and unfortunately the engineering on B450 sucks as well… There is no B450 boars, that actually have good VRM… May be one of those MSI boards, that I never care for, because it’s MSI and I never ever had a good experience with any MSI products I ever touched ever… But other than that all B450 boards have objectively bad VRM designs.

My argument all this time is Ryzen doesn’t need 8+ phases to run well and this is way better than most actually low end motherboards, that have 3+2 phases with no backups, no heatsink and no nothing on them…

That is a low end design for a low end board.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.


A320 doesnt have overclocking support. who cares.
Bx50 has overclocking support. they are marketed as step-down enthusiast boards. they are marketed with overclocking and VRMs in mind, soI say youre “shilling for mobo marketing departments” because youre clearly implying that it’s not ‘for’ 8 cores except that it’s literally for all of them soo…
they ARE poorly designed from a cost/benefit perspective to get a look of performance. I never said that they have to be real 8 phases. I said that its a problem that they are marketed as better than they are when they are not good in the majority of cases.

image you say im wrong but agree with me so ???


Let’s calm down. They are just a hunk of pcb and circuitry.


I don’t understand why are we having this argument…
Can you OC a Ryzen CPU on that specific board? Yes you can. I have the same one. If I had better PSU I may even try for the hell of it.
Is the design good - no, it’s poor. Can you OC an 8 core Ryzen on poor VRM design? Yes you can. The stupid thing is so efficient it doesn’t give a fuck. That board have 3+3 phases and still can overclock an 8 core. Not too far, but it can.
Does Asrock and Gigabyte and the rest do a shitty thing by false advertising their VRM designs - no doubt.

I say you are wrong most low end boards suck. They all suck. I agree that most Bx50 boards have bad VRM design… I disagree with Bx50 being low end boards…
I also disagree they are enthusiasts board, when a shit like the crosshair exists with all its actually enthusiasts features and actually hardcore ocerclocking VRM and bios options and what not…


My issue isnt that you cant overclock it, but that once you do, the board will give out in a year? 1.5 years? 2, maybe? They could have acceptable longevity if the design was actually focused on value rather than marketing.
as for the rest of it, I guess we just are bad at reading tone in our text :woman_shrugging: I suppose we mostly agree


The design is actually focused on both…
It’s way cheaper for them to just do that and say “we have a 6+3 phases” than actually use doublers and run extra traces and programming of chips and what not…
I used to think the same as you, but then I considered the following:
Does the VRM do it’s job? Yes.
Does it support OC? It does.
Does it have some cooling? Those heatsinks are actually pretty beefy.
The extra components actually help spread the heat production…

And then there’s Gigabyte, that don’t even do that. They don’t even have double componentry. They have 1 high and 2 low side fets… They can’t even pretend to have phases…
Now the marketing is shit. I agree. But if they haven’t said 6+3 then that would actually be an OK vrm. Far from good, but still better than a lot of them.

PS: also I told you if there’s good B450 board it’s MSI…


Im not doing this anymore. we just disagree.

Edit: you dont seem to understand what Im saying when I say it’s not a cost effective design. it’s really frustrating when you just say, ‘well can it OC? yes? okay then end of discussion’
let me see if I can find a video that can better explain so we understand each other better.