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ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4 Review + Linux Test | Level One Techs


Wow a serious vrm discussion is going on i see.
I will jump in on this soon :stuck_out_tongue:


On the AM4 platform there is no board with an 8 true phase for Vcore design nope indeed.

On X399 its a different story doe.
On this particular platform they use two sepperate IR35201 pwm´s,
1 for Vcore, and 1 for Soc.
Boards like the Asus Zenith Extreme for example have a true 8 phase design for Vcore rail.


I feel like Buildzoid is both educating and miseducating people now that he’s being taken more seriously.

Remember, he’s a OVERCLOCKER first. And while that also applies for people that prefer extremely high amounts of duty cycles out of their components if not overclocking, his advice must be taken in context with what he actually does. He doesn’t have a boatload of cash to spend on hardware neither.

And I’m sorry to say, those that want tons more duty cycles on cheaper hardware are the minority, and those that have the cash will upgrade to higher end components for those duty cycles.

The complaints are primarily coming from people that can’t afford anything better, but then got educated, but can’t pay the premium of actually good components, so they complain.


It’s just sad what manufacturers do. Refering to buildzoids video “low end mobos up to 150$”. They rather put on complete garbage instead of doing a new and optimized VRM that could potentially last for a whole decade.

For instance I have the ASUS P55D-deluxe it ran my first and still running my second cpu at max OC for a combined 7 years. Price 220$. I would like to see those mobos survive 3 years of such stress. “I am talking about 1.4v on Intel”.

As soon as you jump down to 150$ you get the garbage 70$ mobo VRMs all I am asking is something better for that kind of money.


Well, good thing this isn’t a 150$ board then…
It’s a 90$ board people are complaining it would not be able to overclock a 300+$ CPU…


Well that’s not so bad then. I am seeing 100$ on newegg. Got the impression it’s more.


I heard 2x full NVME! Instantly piqued my interest.
Sign me up! :smiley:


You may actually be right… I was looking at Pro4 (that is exactly the same PCB)… I’m not even sure what’s the difference between Gaming K4 and the Pro4…


There’s a list for that

B350 & X370

B450 & X470

And the B450 Gaming K4 is a 3x2 phase with no doublers.
As with the B350 the B450 is going to be a copy paste job between the Pro 4 and the Gaming K4.

So It’s settled now :wink:


3x2 for the CPU VCC
3 for the SOC VCC (B450 & B350)

Asus is 2 on SOC. Those cheapo’s :smiley:



No, 3…


Stop trying to be right all the time, you come off as less abrasive.

We all make mistakes, tables are hard to read sometimes :smiley:


Yeah, that’s why I deleted my last post…
Sorry :frowning:


I want to see Fedora Linux on a Ryzen 2400G + B450 Motherboard + 16 GB 2400MHz RAM (cheapest G Skill RAM possible) and use it without a graphics card for ordinary web surfing / back end web development purpose on Gnome 3.

Thank you

Can Gnome into 60fps?


I was with you there right up until you wrote Gnome 3

Something something better mumble mumble KDE grumble



I agree somewhat but I mean of course KDE will work. KDE is fine on a six year old i5 with integrated graphics. That’s like playing league of legends on a Vega 64. I love league of legends but KDE just doesn’t have performance issues like Gnome does


I hear you :).

I just feel that the different chipsets full capacity should be their own limitations, not the vrm-design :).


No one is saying that you can’t overclock it.
Let me be very clear: the issue is that a board like this ( and there are lots of boards like this), under most circumstances, can not sustain a moderate to high ambient overclock because of poor design. If the design philosophy was altered in a way that people like me would want, performance and/or endurance could be enhanced for the same cost

In other words, loud and clear for everyone to understand: I don’t care if a $100 motherboard couldn’t sustain an overclock, I care because it could, and yet does not.


Hi like the review.
got this nice simpel mb now, one thing understand can i not use precision boost overdrive on this with a ryzen 7 2700 and it only boost to 3.3 ghz.
do i understand korect that the 4.1on the box i only 2 cors active ?