Ask ASUS! JJ is here for some videos and to answer your questions

What are the chances of Asus bringing out any new AM3+ motherboards in the near future (or maybe some AMD boards with a new socket? *wink wink*).

Hey JJ! When and how much will the Striker GTX 760 cost? Also how about teaming up with Tek Syndicate for a graphics card giveaway. (:

Any chance of a either a plain black only or black and white components? With rather popular cases like the NZXT Phantom and H440, Fractal Design Define R4 and Node 304/804, Corsair 760, and a bunch of others I'm probably getting, I wish manufactures would make components that would match those cases as well. A little bit of red in an otherwise black and white only build doesn't look bad per se, but I think plain black and/or white components would like significantly better.

Also, a more general question, is Asus looking to expand into any other markets? I know Asus has a good reputation for motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, monitors, and some peripherals here and there, but does Asus plan on expanding into something like RAM or SSDs (that aren't ridiculously expensive)? A set of matching ROG RAM sticks would probably make some gamers' wet dreams come true.

And can a motherboard be used again,(if like used for more than 3 years)

m not going to spend my green paper on Board,

i have got Asus Rampage ||| ,which is still good in shape (n i think,it'll be good to go) .

What are your thoughts ?

Hey! JJ I want to know what is your PC specs, home server, main PC etc. Very curious. Thanks!

Hi guys, hoping this can get a notice:
Why does my system restarts when I try to enter the OC tuner? I'm on a Sabertooth 990FX R2.0. Also to that: good god, how I'm I supposed to cool the v-core? It's practically hotter then the CPU at some points 

JJ i was wondering if you guys gonna do a custom cooling for the r9 295x2 from amd?


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Can you weigh in on AMD vs Intel? The way AMD CPU's work is that they have 8 Integer Units and 4 Floating Point Units. The low amount of FPU's has held AMD back significantly, however if they double the amount of Floating Point Units they could potentially be at the same level as Intel for Floating Point Performance. In Integer Performance atleast, AMD is still ahead(For the 3770K). An idea tossed around is that AMD wishes to use the GPU part of the APU to handle all floating point calculations. How much performance benefits could come from this, and what is holding AMD back from doing that now? Also is it possible that ASUS could include Quantum Co-Processors on their motherboards? :P


Will the new Formula board still use an aluminum waterblock or is there an actual full copper one?

hey JJ!, I am from Baghdad/Iraq, I was wondering will you ever open a service center that would service GPUs, MOBOs, headsets, mice and other PC things, because we need one.

i'm gonna also take this chance and ask you can you help me with my GTX770 that i bought off amazon ?

because the service center only supports laptops and Eeepads, and i want it repaired or something.

here is the detail about my gpu, and the emails i sent to the ASUS support.

can i even send it to someone in Canada who will get it to an ASUS service center ?

sorry about hijacking the post :D 

BTW PLEASE get rid of 1366X768. I remember ASUS being the first company to do most things technology wise. However, please boot 1366X768, in favor of 1920X1080. Even if you do have to manufacture your own displays. I want to buy a mid range laptop for college, so I can act like a Coffee shop hipster(I would buy a Macbook air, but I don't care that much for realism) and write technical papers. Actually, I just want a midrange laptop, so I can work all the time anywhere I am, if the need arises, and just leave my custom desktop for when I get home. But I won't be buying anything that isn't at least the res of 1920X1080. Even just the ultrabooks to start off would be fine, that would make me, jump all the way to an ultrabook.

Do you have any plans for adopting Intel Gigabit NICs on a wider variety of Motherboards? Also will you consider adding the feature that is on my ASUS Direct CUII 760 (It is a small orange metal strip at the back of the card mean't to run power through it rather than the extremely thin copper wires which can heat up much easier due to friction?)

JJ you said you loved audio last time so I was just wondering what your setup was, what headphones you use, speakers, dac, car audio, anything :)

Also would you consider giving ROG boards the option of using 4-way optimization just like the regular line? The step-up system is really annoying and not all gamers are tweakers.


Hi JJ and the Tek Syndicate members!

Is there any chance we could get an Asus AM3+ motherboard with an m-sata slot and the new AI Suite 3?

Personally I've had a lot of troubles with AI Suite 2 and therefore I'd like to see an Amd motherboard with AI Suite 3, because it seems like an improvement.

Thank you.

Hey guys! I have a Asus M5A99X EVO R1 and I noticed that there are basically NO drivers for TurboV EVO, ETC. for Windows 8.1. Is it safe to use all the software from the R2 version or am I screwed? Its kind of sad... only had the motherboard for a year and a new OS and no drivers come out...

My question like a lot of others is will there be an mitx am3+ motherboard?

After building my pc with the Sabertooth 990fx, which I love, I realized I haven't truely killed my console since I can't toss my pc in a backpack whenever I leave town. If you came out with one today I would buy since I just it paid.

Hello JJ and RTW crew!

Thanks for all the hard work you are doing for the PCDIY channel, however I was wondering if Asus has plans to add a staff member in order to help add vids more frequently.

Looking at you with an Asus monitor,  GN

What is Asus' currently best selling consumer motherboard?

Dear JJ, 

I am curious to know why you named one of your channels Asus Illuminati. To me it seems weird and possibly creepy, but it might be a joke. Please cast some light on this issue. Thanks in advance.

Since AM3+ is really getting popular with gamers, could we maybe see some new AM3+ stuff? I'd really like to build a small AM3+ system and there really isn't good motherboards to do so with. Thanks :D