Ask ASUS! JJ is here for some videos and to answer your questions

JJ is in the studio today. We are going to make a few videos about the upcoming Z97 parts and all the new ASUS specific features.

We are also going to do some Q&A. Post some questions here and we will answer them in a video. Off topic questions are also welcome.

Hello JJ!,

Will we see some Micro-ATX boards for the AM3+ Platform in the near future?

when i built my PC a couple of months back, i wanted to grab an 8350 cause i was on a budget, however I'm not that much of a ATX person, cause i felt i didn't need all the extra stuff so going M-ATX was the middle ground. however the selection of M-ATX boards for the AM3+ Platform was a bit terrible and didn't have a decent selection in my opinion. so i went with Intel bought the z87 Gryphon Motherboard (Which is bloody awesome) and grabbed a 4670k. so yes,

will we see any M-ATX boards for AM3+ platform in the near future?

I would like to add on that seeing a 990FX M-ATX board would be really sweet. 

could we see a mini-ITX  socket 2011 with 4 laptop so-dimms (67.6mm) take up about the same space as 2 full sized dimms (133.35mm)

With use of daughterboards can hold all the voltage regulation like on your Deluxe and impact mini-ITX motherboards.

and you can even have Msata/M.2/Mini-PCI-E, Soundchips/controllers or even some of the laptop sized Dimms on the bottom

or witht all that is it still impossible?

z97 itx boards when

Any news on the ROG Swift PG278Q? Release date maybe? Thanks!

Couple Quickies.

1. Will there be any awesome giveaways with TekSyndicate soon? ;)

2. I have an 8120 and Crosshair V Formula and have had lots of troubles altogether - will there be any more/updated AM3+ boards any time soon because if not, I'm going Intel next time.


Thanks and wanna mention the awesomeness that is TekSyndicate and especially Wendell. Seriously. That guy is an idol for me.

That would be epic! Obviously some hurtles to jump but it would be neat

Why does ASUS GPU Tweak not have a option to apply overclocks at boot,(minimized start + auto oc at boot = :D) and also only show 1 card at a time on the graphs? If I'm monitoring my gpus on graphs I want to see what both cards are doing at the same time not just one :(

As for motherboards, why is there no motherboard with an extra ram dimm slot(s) dedicated to just ram disk cache? 

JJ, What feature would YOU like to see on an Asus motherboard that isn't currently a feature?

Also, since you like blu-rays... More and more case manufacturers are beginning to include slimline optical mounts in lieu of standard size optical drives to save space.  The new Node 804 comes to mind.  Are there any GOOD slimline optical blu-ray drives on the market?  Possible future Asus product maybe...?

Any chances of releasing a mini itx motherboard for AM3+ cpus?

Are you guys ever going to release a AM3+ motherboard micro form with 1 PCI-E 16x only? I only use 1 video card and onboard sounds that it lol.

What are some new improvements made for the new z97 itx boards?Impact II

Will you bring the tech from Asus' newly announced dual mSATA SATA express enclosure TO MOTHERBOARDS??

I would love to see a dual mSATA on my next motherboard, or dual m.2.

A mini ITX board that's actually decent would be nice as well.

Dear JJ,

Why are there posts in linux forums made by people who couldn't do a PCI passthrough because of corrupt IVRS tables in the bios? This problem affects the Sabertooth 990FX, Crosshair V Formula and the M5A99FX motherboards.

Why is this problem is more than a year old and there is no official fix for it?

Why are you among the few motherboard manufacturers which fails to correctly implement AMD-Vi, as required by AMD from all manufacturers? A problem exacerbated, I am sure, by the fact that people recommend your boards like candy.

If this problem has been fixed and I haven't heard about it, my deepest apologies. After I see proof of it functioning maybe I'll consider buying a piece of hardware with an ASUS sticker on it again.

If you intend to do an mATX AM3+ board, do it properly and don't sabotage it.

Yours sincerely,

An informed ex customer

PS: there are threads about this problem in your very own forums, like here: and here

I asked it before, but has the production of a micro atx workstation grade motherboard been considered?

Mobility for people in the content creation industry is pretty important I think and next to that having a small pc that is a beast is just awesome :P (I have a define r4 right now, wish I had build a system in the arc mini).


What changes have ASUS implemented in the AI Suite?

Heyo Tek Syndicate people and JJ, Asus make very good components all round, and always bring good quality etc to all their products, will they be going into any new markets,like fans or cpu coolers?

Hey Logan ,Hey JJ ...Sub bros ?

Is it all necessary to have a good processor,if m going to do " Gaming & Video Stuffs " (Editing,3DRendering,Big softwares,u get d point) -

If i already have a high end GPU ?

Because m gonna be building a new PC soon (pretty much after 4-5 years),

m really confused .

Different people give different hardware myths ?

IDK please help.