Article defending windows 10

"not even tinfoil can help"

what are your opinions on this one @wendell @Logan

I don't think anyone (sane) really thinks microsoft is uploading the contents of your hard drive but windows 10 does send data back to microsoft, you can run wireshark and watch it, and it is unclear what that data contains. You can't disable it and you don't know what the data contains, what microsoft will do with it and how safe it is from third parties.

Well I haven't really looked in to it so maybe all that information is transparent and available and everyone is just freaking out because it's fun to be outraged on the internet, but that's my take on it.

right zdnets not a reliable news site anymore if it ever was

i just found it on facebook and was wondering about their credibility

That seems like a very credible article, if it's reliable. And even though I am keeping a close eye on internet privacy, and understand what the software companies are doing, I'm happy with Microsoft and their latest OS.

I just think 'people' are taking this way too far.

well i have always been wondering just how much information corporations already have on us, we all use a cellphone that connects between multiple towers close to you, we all use E mail like G mail and hotmail, as well as banks have record of everywhere we use debit or credit.

just how much do they already know?

if you own a device that connects to the internet. you've already given up your data. (someone has their finger your butt) want to feel safe from software companies? don't use a computer.. become Amish, and go live in the forest. some company has your data in some form or fashion. does it mean you shouldn't fight it? absolutely not.. but the ultra paranoia like Microsoft was the first to start it needs to stop. they are just new "In the Game". Google has been doing this for years. yet no one is complaining about them. everyone seems to give them a free pass.. cause GOOGLE! nothing can't be a one way street. if you're mad at Microsoft, then get mad at Google.. get mad at the NSA.. GET MAD at the U.S Government for not giving a shit. fuck it let's all move to Canada.


That was my point in an argument recently with a friend. Unless you live in a cave, there will be some kind of information about you somewhere in data form.

Moving to Canada won't help, that country is just as rotten as the US, it's a Five Eyes partner after all.
And some of us ARE mad at Google and the NSA and the US government.

As for Microsoft not being the first to start, 3 guesses which company was the first PRISM partner. And no, it wasn't Google or Facebook. MS aren't "new" to the game, they've been doing this shady stuff since 2007

i already live in canada, tech is expensive here.

they were recently (probably still are) trying to pass laws that would allow mass monitoring of data. It just seems to me that theyre more interested in what i do online as opposed to fixing the damn roads and keeping drug addicts out of government offices (rob ford) around here and other such things that government can fix.

When will this shit end?

No its not spying, its ¨personalized services¨

The government must ask for a warrant...Expect on the cases (like terrorism ) that it does not.

Microsoft is not tracking or collecting anything, expect the cortana agreement says exactly that they do....

Its not spying but if you are a critical business or government employee its your fault if you do not protect yourself from the OS, even though there is nothing to be protected by, because the OS is not spying.

I have read bullcrap articles but this is amazing...

Since when does criticizing microsoft automatically means you do not criticize the rest? Where is the logic in ¨well everyone is doing it why do you bitch at microsoft or about anyone at all¨? BTW with Win 10 the privacy invasiveness is much worst than google´s. Only Facebook has the same invasive strategy as Win 10.

Hmm, the NSA will soon advertise as a personalised living company. That way they can vacuum up all your data without "spying".

Cause everyone and their mother has been doing this. "oh screw Windows 10, it spies on me. BUT I'M STILL USING ANDROID THOUGH".

This is main reason people called out Logan (and he addressed it in the most recent TEK). And wendell said it himself, people tend to give Google a free pass.. Cause GOOGLE. Don't tell people to stop using Windows 10 but you're using Google like they're perfect.

As for Windows 10 being much more intrusive then google? I disagree. Google reads your Gmail, tracks your footsteps (and places you've been) and got caught trying to put a "Mic always on feature" on Chrome, which even made it to Chromium on Linux (which of course the Linux community immediately gave Google the quickest backlash ever in a long time.) And there are WAAAAAAY more people using Android then there is Windows. (ranging from phones/tablets) Microsoft has 100 million users on Windows 10. Google has waay more people on Android. Which makes them a bigger threat.

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Android in itself is clean, Google knows better than to insert spyware into the open-source core of the OS where everyone can see and remove it. It's the Google Apps package that's the spyware and is closed-source as wel as non-removable.

All you need to do to secure your Android phone is to root it and flash an open-source ROM that doesn't have said app package. Sure, you won't have Gmail, Maps or the Play store, but there are alternatives for all. is a good place to get a new app repository so you can look for alternatives to Maps and Calendar etc. They only do open-source and list everything even remotely suspicious in bold red at the top of the app description. Much better than all the shady stuff going on in the Google Play store.


I'll defend Windows 10, its a nice OS.
If you dont like it dont use it, like it but dont like the added online element - turn settings off or sandbox the OS otherwise use linux.

Since we don't know what's in the data they're collecting, there's no telling when that data will be used for more than just "telemetry."

I'm using a custom ROM and a permissions manager. But yeah, the majority of people aren't savvy enough to be this private. I'm just barely. I still do a lot of trial and error with permissions to get apps working.

The Amish pay taxes, so the government has the most basic of information on them. And I am mad at Google, that's why I use a custom ROM and permissions manager. Also, complacency is what got us into this privacy mess in the first place.

Obviously.. the difference between them and us, is that they don't feel the need to live in paranoia, or fear. they live a simple life. unlike some people that crap their pants when they learn that a company knows something about them. you're using their product. OF COURSE they know something about you. all that stuff comes with the territory. and like i will reiterate it again. want to feel safe from companies? then throw out every single electronic that you did not build yourself. but funnily enough that is everything we own. people need to stop acting like Microsoft doing this is new to the Tech World.

I think the point of contention here is how much they know.

It can all be done on the software level no humans involved other than to do the programming, and since it's sent encrypted there is no way to know just what data they are collecting, granted your stated usages for the collection are very true, it isn't the only reason because if it was then MS would not have the ability to perform DRM for 3rd parties which they have stated they will and are doing. Then throw in the inability to opt-out of updates it really makes you kind of a captive market that they can do whatever or collect whatever they want without your consent or knowledge.

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