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Aremis' Sales Thread 2020 (New Items JULY 2020)

ITT I post stuff I’m selling this year. I don’t sell too often so it’ll only pop up a couple times, but I plan to add a few things here over the next few months.

I Accept

Escrow.COM transfers

Payment isn’t made until I’m at the shipping place so I can send a picture of the shipping stub immediately.

Shipping is negotiable. If a heavy item, shipping is split 50/50.

Pc and Mac hardware

i7 6700HQ 4c8t @2,8ghz
16gb ddr4 ram @2400mhz
GTX1060 6gb
128gb m.2 sata. Can take nvme
Has sata cable, but I don’t have any sata drives spare for it rn.
Has thunderbolt 3, no usb c charging

Comes with charger, and ethernet usb c adapter.

Headphone jack has damage. Usb adapter worked for me but you don’t want mine its jank. Get a sabrent one off amazon for 7 bucks. Also rear panel covering antenna’s was removed. More, it fell off and doesn’t want to go back on. I left it off because thermals actually improved.

Has been repasted a month ago.

Asking 550 plus half shipping

Mac Pro 3,1:
E5462 X2 (4C 4T @2.8GHz per processor, works way better than you think)
64GB DDR2 FBDIMM [email protected]
9800GT if temporary gpu is needed
2 drive sleds, can attempt mojave install that you can then clone w/ disk utility, or setup OSX 10.11 with tools and notes for you to try on your own!

Selling it because its effectively useless to me now, even though its really cool. Its is otherwise a great machine. I streamed CSGO and Quake on this, tho normally thee newest game I play is skyrim. But, did will either way.

Asking 250, with or without gpu
Asking 300 with OS Setup, whatever OS you want. Will include tools for further upgrades if needed, or requested. As well as whatever else you want.

More pc and mac stuff!

Wraith Cooler

25 plus shipping

Sound blaster works, I had it in a desktop a week ago that I got rid of after the board blew up. Other card is a ppc mac ati 9600. No idea if it works and its incompatible with my powermacs.

SB0200 - 15 plus shipping
9600 ppc mac card - 10 plus shipping.

4 gb ddr2 ram kit

10 plus shipping

Couple cards here.

Voodoo3 - 25 plus shipping
Nv FX 4300 - 10 plus shipping
Nv Riva tnt 2 - 10 plus shipping
E-geforce4 mx4000 - 25 plus shipping
Mx 400 - 15 plus shipping

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Server / Workstation / Networking Hardware

Power Mac g5:
Dual 970FX 2.0ghz
2gb ddr1 ram
Pci slots
Agp 8x pro based 9600 PRO
I think it has a 1tb hdd or something

Asking 75 plus half shipping.

Pair of sas 10k 300gb drives I bought for an experiment and never ended up using. Got them used, but they basically sat in storage in their past life.

Asking 35 plus shipping for both. Or 15 for one.

16gb ddr3 (10600R) - IDK 50 plus shipping

Netgear prosafe FVS318G

25 plus shipping

Random 8gb ddr3 ecc dimm

15 plus shipping

Misc Hardware


I only had this for 2 months and got it new. You can understand how invaritably pissed I was. If you can get a screen, this thing runs just fine. Literally new, just needs a screen replacement.

110 obo

Sun Type 5c keyboard.
Asking 40 plus shipping.

Couple sun keyboards, one new in box.

New - 35 plus shipping (in negotiation)
Open - 15 plus shipping

Sun scsi drive. Still works. 72 gb.

45 plus shipping

got any 4GB DDR3 so-dimms all I have are 2GB so-dimms and I have way too many chrome tabs

I can probably even find an 8gb sodimm, but yeah I do.

1600 or 1333

1600, hopefully my ivy chip will read the spd correctly

Yeah I’ll pop open some laptops after a shower and get you one.

Sure you only want a 4?

2x4GB if you got them I’m currently on 2x2GB because all my 4GB so-dimms went into laptops I sold

25 plus shipping
Might only have one 1600o I’ll have to fnid one with loose timings so they match.

Pay done over paypal at shipping place so I can send you the shipping stub the minute I get it.

can’t do paypal, my bank did somekind of overdraft thing and bounced it back on paypal even though it was set up to deny payments back when I was in a car
I can do a money order next friday

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I also accept crypto

Honestly no clue how those work

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'tis a sad day brother!

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Not really. Honestly getting rid of this MP will be a blessing.

I’ll giwe it a few days on here and then spam it to other sites.

Coinomi is resynching the block chain or whatever, after its back up and I claim my BTG I’ll send over the BTC

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Added hyper 212 and 2 cards

Added game controller, will be adding a spare Logitech G700s I have as well.

And a switch

You are seriously cleaning house. Good luck my guy.

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Are you kidding this is nothing.

Definitely down to buy that 212 and the Switch Controller.

Aight. I don’t have the controller’s box anymore tho so it’ll just be the controller.

PM on here or telegram when you want to buy. I can head to UPS today.