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Aremis' Sales Thread 2020 (New Items JULY 2020)

Do you have any USB otg adapters? My tablets touch digitizer is broken
Raspberry pi stuff?

I have some but only one of each. 5 bucks, got usb c and bicro usb.

Only pi stuff I have is a pi v1 my asshole friend knocked a capacitor off of so now it doesn’t display. It works, just doesn’t display.

Okay add the micro USB one to my order I’ll on you my address

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Got one package sent out for @Theonewhoisdrunk but the shore was getting packed. I’ll have to send the one for @GigaBusterEXE in the morning. Sorry!

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Added all sortsa shit

Would people want otg’s? I can get a shit load.

do you know if the screens from T410’s are compatible, I got one that’s got a dying mainboard or something, its got a 1280x720 screen so I could just put its back light in

I don’t think its the backlight itself I think its a .25 amp and .5 amp fuse thats on the board next to the LVDS connector.

I’d fix it myself and keep it if I had a microtip iron.

I mean you’re welcome to give it a shot. I have no clue about intercompatibilities

Bump again

Gunna give it today then start listing desktops on craigslist.

Items arrived quickly and damn well packed.
I enjoyed the extra bonus gifts, nice little keep sakes!
Everything was in good working order and good condition.


Uhhh for now this is how the cooler sits haha. I got a bracket kit on the way. My inner TechYesCity has proven successful and the cooler does well keeping the 760K on it around 42C on a stress test.

I am pleased with it all. Glad to do business with you sir!


I appreciate the ingenuity… but I really feel that you should post this in the TechCringe thread


Wait until you see the moderator application I put in giga’s box lol.

Also, packing is important. I hate when people halfass it.


dusty mobo needs some TechYes lovin’

Just no brake cleaner :sweat_smile:
Definitely will get a while down when I assemble it fully.

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CL post made btw

Prepare for all the weirdos.

“Hey man, can I pay you with two Big Macs™?”

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Updated Mac Listing

6870 was traded for H110i V2 for my next PC build

Might do a 15% off to try and get some more sales. Need the money.

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Dropped prices on sun boxes. Prease, I just need them out of by house.