Are the Kingston Hyper X Cloud IIs still King?

I've been needing a new headset for months. I've come to the conclusion long ago that the Hyper X Cloud IIs are the best choice for the money. I've looked at reviews, though, and as per usual there are people making contradictions. I heard one mongoloid say the headset had poor build quality, and that was a con.

Isn't the Hyper X Cloud II known for having outstanding build quality? Especially for the money? WTF? This usually happens with all hardware. People say very, VERY different things. But since I'm a logical thinker, I'm assuming people say it for a reason, instead of out of idiocy. My paranoid personality. What can I do?

So? Any advice?

They're a mainstream gaming headset. They're not going to sound as good to as a pair of normal headphones, and the mic won't be as good as you could get if you bought a standalone unit. Something like these headphones:

With a mic like this:

You can go cheaper on the mic if you want to pull it back closer to the $100 mark.



Audiotechnica ATH-AD500X and Samson Meteor are a better overall choice. Maybe more expensive but sound quality will beat any gaming headset (including the quite good Sennheiser ones).

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Well, I'm looking for something to use with gaming. Using some globe-thing to transmit my voice? And some headphones separately? It looks like something Dr. Evil would use to make EVIL conference calls. I'm sure it sounds good. But ACTUALLY USING THAT? For gaming? You can't be serious?

I already looked at the Antlion mod mic route, but don't like it, because it's permanently going on a pair of headphones I buy. But nevermind that.

Which gaming headsets are some of the best choices? And I can't spend anything ridiculous like $300. 100 or so is my budget. Is the Hyper X Cloud II still the best choice.

And. could this thread be moved to the headset section? I didn't see until way later.

For PC gaming, yeah this is dead standard. Most people seem to have separate headphones and mics on PC at least. A gaming headset is going to sound noticeably worse, in terms of mic quality going out and your experience listening to the headphones. Just put the mic somewhere on your desk, and wear the headphones. Its not so bad.

If you REALLY want an all-in-one solution, then at least go with these or any other actual audio brand:

I think that theblogitech G430's are amazing for what they are. Basically speakers for me. Build quality circulates to be honest. Different molds get corculated, different resin... If the build quality goes down its because something went wrong at the factory.

That Kingston Cloud II was my last headset and there is nothing different aside from the USB dongle, so I did use it sometime and gave it to my little brother.

Bought wnb streamer mic & stand -> xlr to Scarlett, using my favorite headphones now. I just don't get it why these headsets stall same level as they were 10 years ago, mics still vary from tincan to phone call. :D

Get the clouds. I have those and audio technics 50x's and pull out the clouds more often due to their extreme comfort. I get the 50's out when I know I'll be listening to music while playing.

No gaming headset has been "the king".

Here is a question:
iMacs are convenient, they are ready to use when you buy them.
PCs can be a pain in the ass and you have to build them and fiddle with them until they do what you want them to do.
Still, you built a PC.

Because you wanna be able to switch parts independently?
Because you don't like to pay premium just for convenience?
Because you like to get better performance?

Well, guess what ....


I didn't realize the II's were ever considered "King". I remember the originals got solid reviews, but paid less attention to the second iteration. It's all very subjective though... what sounds good to one might not sound good to another as we all already know. I think something that is generally common with headsets is a terrible mic though... I ended up with the Sennheiser PC 350 SE's. Mic quality is good, and audio quality and fit is fine. I wish they fit a little tighter like my HD380 Pros (which are same design), but they're still good.

Have used...
Creative Fatal1ty gaming headset, Logitech G230 headset, Logitech G930 headset, and now the Senn's. They've been my favorite so far.

I also tried the HD280 and HD380 Pro's with a separate mic. I just prefer the convenience of 1 braided cord that terminates into separate mic and headphone plugs, instead of two harder to manage cables. ALSO, my favorite headphones for music don't necessarily translate into also being the greatest gaming headphones IMO.

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For me it shows in how high can I set game volume to hear / distinguish words of other players, like surely I can hear that now someone is speaking but can't distinguish what are they saying. :D

Old Logitech 2.1 speakers wanted 1-5%!, with headsets it usually was 15%~ and with both my current headphones and speakers its 30%~.

Absolutely amazing value, these cans. Look for reviews of the hp100 if you are interested. These sound the same. Just a few cosmetic tweaks.

Should probably clarify that Cloud II have been best headset I have tried simply because the mic works and it wont probably ever break apart, think you have to actually see some effort in that breaking. :D

These are way out of my budget. I'm in Canada. And this thing is double the price of the Hyper X Cloud IIs. I'm sure it's great, but they're $200 headphones.


What a person in a game told me. The Cloud IIs are apparently comfortable as hell.


I'm still guessing.


Well that's also another thing. I don't want them to break or totally fail me after 5 years or something. And from what I understand, the earpads are actually leather, right?

EDIT: EW! $130 Sennheiser 4.30Gs have imitation leather pads!

I wouldn't expect genuine leather out of the box with most any headphones, especially at that price point. Velour and leather alternatives are the norm.

The Cloud IIs are at that price point. And from what i've heard in video reviews, they are leather.

Distinctive design with improved accessories
HyperX Cloud II headset comes with all the accessories you’ll need, including an airplane adapter, leatherette and velour ear cushions and a travel-friendly mesh bag to take your game on the go.

Leatherette. Again, I'm not saying headphones don't... I'm just saying it's not the norm.

I run Beyerdynamics dt 770 pro + Mod Mic , I like the reference sound to see what they really wanted things to sound like, but its really up to you.

0:55 i guess this guy's lying, then?