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First rule of installing UEFI Arch; don't use Grub.


Grub was "supposed" to be the most compatible. 


1900 words of "quick."

Installation guide, homie.


Thats a great installation guide. For the rest of configuring everything, and setting up awesomeWM and AUR, I would suggest this guys videos.

Brennan. Look through those. I think this guy does a pretty good job and stuff.


Before I mess too much with my rc.lua, here is my setup.

It should look much cleaner up top when I'm done, but I think it looks pretty good out-of-box.


Lol, yeah. Get rid of those fucking numbers. Label yo workspaces, foo.




I run Arch but I also run FreeBSD. Does that mean I'm TOO cool for this club?

not very rice



Fedora in the Arch club? BAH.


Looks great! Mind sharing the wallpaper?




If you like long compilation times ;)

Rolling release is best done with an Arch-style implementation. 


can't argue with that 


-shrug- It was what I was taught with. I use ubuntu alot more for any linux stuff.

I might play with arch when I can I feel up too it.


Of course.


I'm a ricer ;)


I use arch for basic stuff though only because it's ideal for development.


Once it's installed updates don't take so long unless one of the "big" packages gets an update (browsers, kde, libreoffice in my case) or you can choose to install binary packages for some of the big ones (browsers, libreoffice).


That being said, I've had horrible experiences with upgrading any OS. Windows updates break Windows, updates in Arch (unstable) have broken my system on more than one occasion and Gentoo is king of it when compiling fails and I cannot find a solution for it (though it is king, it seems to be happening less than problems on Arch. So far.)

Gentoo here on a slowish i3 laptop. Compile times are not an issue because the system works and has been working for over a year and a half now without any Gentoo specific problems. KDE still cannot lock the desktop after idling enough every now and then and some updates fix it, some break it again, but that's KDE... Reason compile times aren't an issue is because I start upgrading when I have not much to do, and don't care when it finishes. It always finishes on a time I have not much else going on just in case there are problems. Overall the system hasn't improved any so I still don't see a need for updating, but unlike Windows I'm inclined to do so still, but only because it's so easy to update everything, the basics and all the programs, which you cannot do in Windows, heh.


Successfully got nm-applet and pnmixer to start with AwesomeMW at startup. 



Looks great! Welcome to the club :)

Phantom, we need a member list.


Gotta love doing a full system update and GAINING disk space.


I grok Arch.