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You actively using it?


Woo, looks like I made the short list :)


Right? Makes me grin every time!


I've been using Manjaro for a month now (my first experience with linux. Yeah... complete noob).

Yesterday i installed Arch on my notebook using Brennan's Dirty Guide. I had some problems but everything is fine now, using XFCE4 and searching for a music player that fits my needs.

(sorry for any grammar mistakes, Brazilian here)


Using and maintaining to the best of my ability.

Indiscriminate -Syuing aside :3


I want to check out arch, but i'm to lazy the last weeks. :(


Try DeadBeef if you like foobar2000, or Clementine.


Count me in. My laptop has become an ARCHer.


So, I suppose a lot happened in the past day and a half, then? Which WM did you go for?


B-but.. I just installed slackware.  Oh well, time to install arch.


Does it count if I run a dual boot with windows and arch? (my current OS setup)


As long as it isnt in a VM.


I was bored and you guys kicked this old idea.

WM? That was indeed the hardest decision to make. :D I was looking for a DE to start with - and i picked Gnome 3. Don't know if I like it, but this whole thing is just intended as an experiment.

Which WM / DE can you recommend?


Gonna install Arch this weekend (or try to). Just need to get an extra Ethernet down to my room (I have to pass them through the ceiling).


Been running Manjarobox (Openbox flavor of Manjaro) for the last few weeks, I'll end up going back to Arch eventually though. I'll post here when I do.

Manjarobox is really impressive for such a young distro I must admit, really digging it as a beginner distro.


i3 is a fun one imo.

I have only used it for a short while though, tiling wasn't so great for what I do on my laptop (different windows overlapping eachother mainly browser windows because I need/want to keep an eye on 2 webpages at same time that autorefresh and it's just easier if the back one is bigger size since I regularly go in there to browse other stuff, a 15" laptop screen doesn't have much real estate).


Thanks :)

Here's the wallpaper:

wallpaper link


I uuuuused to run Arch.  Back in 2012.  :P  I had Arch all setup with KDE on there (on my netbook (an Acer Aspire One ZG5/AOA150)).  But then I deleted everything on the hard drive and put Ubuntu 13.04 on instead (I forget why; especially since my netbook can barely run Unity :P).  But my netbook is more of a just play around with it and do anything computer.

Recently I got a new computer (a laptop, one which is actually really powerful too) and I put Ubuntu 13.04 on there as well cuz I wanted everything to just work.  Which it never does.  :P  But I've fixed all the issues now and such and now it all works (I don't like to make more work for myself than I have too, except sometimes; and that sometimes is when I use Arch :P).

I haven't actually figured out the new system Arch has for installation however (I'm used to the old AIF thing, so I still just use that when installing Arch since I can easily upgrade to a more current release anyways after installation).  I should get back into Arch again though cuz it was fun.  :P  Plus it's always nice to put together your own OS.


Here's a picture of my old Arch installation on my netbook (nothing fancy):