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This is the Arch club.

Only people who run Arch are cool enough to be in this club.

Antergos & KDE Plasma as a daily driver
Please install 'dialog' for Arch

I am become Arch.


I couldnt get a hardware accelerated VM to work, and it doesnt work under WINE, always gives cannot connect errors.

Email me with a partition table that shows me the proper way to set up my hard drives for a dual boot system, and I will do it. Just for you.

Setup: 120GB ssd, 30GB (I think that will be enough?) for windows and FF14. And the rest for Arch system.

2TB storage for /home

Plus the UEFI thing. Wait. What benefit will I get from that?


Check my profile, I have my partition table in there. Just leave a 30-40GB NTFS partition at the end of your SSD (or just leave it unallocated), and install Winderz onto it. Make sure Windows doesn't do anything stupid, like install the bootloader on your HDD, by simply only having the SSD plugged into your mobo.

The EFI boot partition is at the front of your SSD, just make it about 1GB in size, and mount it to /boot.


Wow, we have eerily similar storage configuration.

Okay. So mine would be

  • EFI /boot 1024M
  • ext4 /root 80GB
  • NTFS 40GB


  • ext4 /home 2TB




and how would I stop windows from overwriting grub? Install windows first, after I partition with Arch installation media?


I run Monjaro? Am I cool enough to be in the club?



So which distro of arch shall I download?


Arch. Arch is the distro that you should install.



Oh well. Backup drive, It is.


I'm but a Mint peasant D;


No, CLI 4lyfe.

If you wish to install Arch, though. We may help you.


Thanks but no thanks, I have no need for it yet :)


Sacrifice to the horse.


I may be jumping into linux to give it a go is it worth my time battling it out with arch or trying manjaro first I've only messed around with ubuntu and debian on my pi


downloading meow.


It should torrent within minutes; so many seeders. Let me know when you're ready to install - I'll go ahead and start typing up a guide for a quick and dirty UEFI install.



Please do.I just failed. I now have a UEFI boot entry when I press f11. It runs grub, but grub is blank. So. I fukked up. 

I generated my grub config and it didnt find any OS.