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Apple Keynote September 14, 2021

New iPhones and iPads expected

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New iPad Mini announced, with iPad Pro-esque design, including support for the 2nd gen Pencil, USB-C and 8.3" display.

Standard iPad has also been updated with A13 Bionic.


The iPad mini looks like it would have some small use cases in several industries

New Apple Watch… I just got one :rofl:

I think the big thing with the watch is if they can keep pushing the battery

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New Apple Series 7, looking pretty skinny

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I’m planning on getting an iPhone Mini at some point (My OnePlus 5’s getting a bit long in the teeth), so the Watch is probably on the list after that.

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I think they nailed the size and design a couple generations ago with the watch, they’ve not had to change it much except to keep refining it

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0-80% charge in 40 minutes. Reminds me of electric cars :joy:

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Group workouts on fitness+ closes a gap the product had against its competitors

£10 it’s using fake DOF

Probably, that’s what they do with portrait mode isn’t it

The pro iPhone pro pro

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I love how they just keep mentioning that the Magsafe ecosystem is “every expanding” lol. Like it’s not empty at the moment.

Or that they killed it just to bring it back 6 years later.

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I have an iPhone but screw apple. They talk about saving the environment but force you to get more packaging from either third party or their charger. Makes sense to lie about saving the planet and instead really they want that extra 20 bucks for a phone charger.

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Major let down on rumors. No m1x or m2.

But you already have a charger… isn’t that the point ?

Umm going from apre type c charger to iPhone 12 no. Also amps and wattage are different per phone.

You said you have an iPhone?

I get it for those who’ve never had a phone in their life (12 year olds??), at this point I’m not sure it’s particularly controversial. If you really don’t have a lighting cable you probably have a type c changer and in that case you only need a new cable.

I will be honest I like my iPhone 12. But I’m still using the lightning cable plugged into my type c on my laptop.

Honestly this is my first I device of any kind. Never had an iPhone. Well that is a lie i had a iPod classic back in the day. I’ve been a android user for mobile.