Apple is copying Microsoft and the PC world once again

And external gpu? How innovative! Apple is a genius.

To give them credit, they put it inside of the screen instead of inside of the keyboard. Same basic idea though.

well this makes more sense than in a keyboard.

Agreed. But I find it amusing that it is another case of Apple polishing the innovation of others.

And? its a better idea and in a better looking case. Apple is about style no so much innovation. Its the apple style that people buy not the hardware or ideas.

I don't care if the industry builds on each other's ideas. I think that is the only way to make real progress. But people always claim that Apple is a great innovator and that the come up with so much new and innovative tech. TekSyndicate even did a video on it a few years back. Add this to the list.

Fixed it for you.

nah i wouldnt even say that. everyone i know who has apple is bc they say everyone else has apple and i think it looks good. when it comes down to it a lot of people dont use hardware the same way people on this forum use it. People dont care what hardware they have so long as it works and apples works pretty well for your normal user. its simple and easy to use. But Id say to simple and to easy but thats me.

I've personally seen and heard people claim that Apple is incredibly innovative. It is usually because they don't pay attention to the market, and then Apple's marketing throws their newest stuff in the faces of all of their loyal followers and they automatically think it is brand new because they've never seen it before. Personally, I would be more interested in a laptop that already have a beefy dGPU which charges and connects to the display from the same cable, which should be possible with a thunderbolt or usb type C connector, if I'm not mistaken. Then again, people who buy Apple stuff wouldn't ever use the dGPU for anything since they don't tend to game or anything. So it should work just fine for them. Will be way over priced though.

Everyone want one cable to rule them all. Why is that?
When troubleshooting you unplug one cable and everything is dead. That is BS on a whole new level!

Because I am a lazy fuck.

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Normally I would be all for shit posting on Apple but I have to side with them this time. This is by no means a copy, I think this type of thing would be great on a PC. If you are somebody who needs to carry a laptop all day but wants to game at home this type of thing would be great.

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Just throw Ubuntu in there, install Windows into a VM and passthrough the passedthrough monitor GPU or something like that^^

That's just making the issue overly complex.


It is!

you mean fun? (⊙ᗜ⊙)

yeah, having an external gpu is not a new concept, having it built into the monitor is a great idea. No one wants an extra box to carry around, keyboards are typically fairly light weight and not uncommon for people to move. But displays are stationary and are heavy enough where slightly more heft of a videocard wouldn't seem significant. It also makes a lot of sense in that, you only really need the gpu when using that monitor so it makes it available whenever you need it and when you don't need it, you don't need to deal with the added bulk. But if it was built into the keyboard, then you aren't using the high resolution monitor you still have a bulky keyboard, unless you buy a new keyboard as well.

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Nah, I'm lazy and I prefer to do things in the most efficient way possible.

I was thinking something along the lines of needing a laptop for school, you could carry something lightweight to class or work or wherever and when you want to game at home you just pop it into the monitor.

Or you could do what I was suggesting and have a dGPU that is worth a damn. I've been speculating for a while now that Polaris 10 will be the exact same die that is in the mobile gpus. It uses less power than the 980 and that was integrated into laptops as a full chip. Shouldn't need a gpu more powerful than that in most cases these days. That should be able to max out games at 1440p. So assuming that you aren't trying to play at 4k on your laptop, that should be fine. So, like I said, a video cable that also charged the laptop would be great for gaming and much cheaper. Would also allow for gaming on the go if needed whereas a gpu in the monitor doesn't which would defeat the purpose of having a laptop for gaming imo.

Something really lightweight wouldn't have the cpu horsepower in all likelihood to play games effectively even with a dGPU. Personally, I've been carrying a full sized 15.6" laptop to class every day for about 5 years now (god, am I old). Usually having to walk a mile or so each direction. I don't think that having a normal sized laptop is all that much of a burden for college students. Especially if you could get something sized similarly to the Razor Blade with a Polaris 10 chip in it. I don't see how this isn't the best solution.