Anyone Upgrading to Windows 10?

So I wake up to day to see that there is a notification to reserve windows 10 and upgrade to it when it comes out. I am still a little skeptical about the os and I am not sure if Is should upgrade or not. Wondering if anyone is going to upgrade or not and why.

It depends. Are you running 8? If so, definitely upgrade. 7? That's harder. I'd say yes it's am upgrade, but it could easily compromise your security. It depends on what you do with your os. Does bloat bother you? If you're running 8 you have most of it.

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I'm waiting.

Let people iron out the bugs not already identified, find the floors and work out the tweeks. Considering you can upgrade at any point in the first year, what's the rush?

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I would like to see how well people like it before making the decision myself. We will see. It could be awesome, and it could be a train wreck. However, the main reason that I keep Windows around is for gaming and considering that DX12 is only on W10, I think that I might end up on there sooner rather than later.


I totally looked over the fact that you can upgrade at any time. I will probably check out the the preview before I make a choice.

The hype is so MS can garner some numbers for a press release, you know like 50 million people have already reserved their copy of Win 10, that kind of press will sway others to upgrade thinking their missing something, since the upgrade is digital where's the point to reserving anything?


Not going to be upgrading in my lab since we're using linux for the research software. Runs way smoother. As for my personal PC I will be waiting until at least January of next year. Let them release their service pack updates to iron out most of the issues it will undoubtedly have at release. Might just finally make the personal jump over to Linux mint for my next PC. Though I will admit I'm curious about windows 10.

I'll keep running the Windows 10 "preview" and see how it improves before deciding. I wouldn't upgrade from 8.1 today if it was an option. Also don't rule out Microsoft's ability to change something significant late in the beta stage.

I have boxed Win 7, but according to this i will get some gimped OEM version of Win 10?:
"Once you upgrade, you have Windows 10 for free on that device."

And what about backup of the installation files? Even with my 250Mbps fiber i would love to backup somewhere those files.

I probably won't be a day 1 installer. I'd like to wait and see how it pans out especially since the last 10130 preview still looked like it could use some work in a few areas as well as a bit more polish on design elements being consistent with each other. There are also a couple changes that I'm a little disappointed with in terms of menus, etc.

On my Windows 8 machine, Yes, I'll be upgrading. On Windows 7, Most likely not. I'm not a big fan of Windows 8 anyways, as I find it bloated and buggy. Since Windows 8 is already installed on one of my machines, and 10 will be free, there really isn't a lot of harm in upgrading, its already bloated.

I don't feel that it's fair to just throw 8 out of the Window like that (pun intended). Windows 8 RTM was one of the worst things to come out of MS in a long time, and I'll admit that I hated it like the plague, but 8.1, with the proper tweaks, is one of the best OS's I've ever used.

You could make the argument that you shouldn't have to add 3rd party addons to a OS to make it useable, and I'm with you there, but I don't think it's fair that the assumption is made to just throw 8 away when 10 comes out.

Now, on to the other question.

Are you asking about day 1 upgrading? In any case, I would advise against upgrading day one, there are bound to be bugs, and issues, especially with the way that MS is adding in Cloud integration.

Would I recommend upgrading after a while, sure, but, I'd want documentation first, the fact that group policy didn't (and still doesn't) exist in the 10, or Server 2016 preview scares/annoys me. If I'm going to move to MS's "Windows reimagined for business" platform, then I want all of the old stuff that I use to manage stuff.


But what does 8.1 have that 10 won't and vice versa?

Group Policy...

Besides that ;)

Control Panel.

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Will only bother if it works well in a VM, otherwise I don't mind spending the time getting things working on linux.

I'll be upgrading day one. I have already "reserved" on the notification.

Then I'll be reading as much documentation as possible to get to know the ins and outs and what's changed.

Then I'll probably pick up whatever good textbook is released for it for the IT aspects of it. (In enterprise Windows 10 will have Long Term Servicing Branch editions basically the same as Linux LTS versions since starting with Windows 10 MS is doing very frequent feature updates/releases.)

"Upgrade", debatable use of the word.


I have the tech preview running in a VM, I like it but will be waiting atleast 6 months to upgrade to 10 just to let them work out any known bugs.