Anyone playing Elite: Dangerous? How are you liking it?

I love space RPGs like Freelancer and EVE, so I'm looking to possibly purchase E:D. I've been a bit skeptical of the recent space RPGs lately since I got super excited about X Rebirth only to see that whole fiasco ensue at launch, so I haven't pulled the trigger yet on E:D. Anyone playing it? What are some pros and cons?

I'm surprised there haven't been more responses to this.

I've got mixed feelings on the game. X-Rebirth looks interesting, but all the negative hype makes me apprehensive.

E:D, is definitely worth looking into. They released it as a full game, with expansions to the game functionality planned.

Thus far, it seems that in order to get ahead in the game, you need to resort to violence and take out a few bounties, to get a substantial amount of cash. otherwise you will be grinding with the prospect of trading goods, or you can put a lot of effort into getting scans of astral bodies, like Stars and their surrounding planets. You then continue to travel to neighboring stars, and work your way through the galaxy, selling your data along the way. The more data and the further you go from a particular star system the more valuable the data will be.

I really liked exploring systems during my brief time with EVE, so the exploration part of this sounds fun. Might have to snag a joystick and buy this game.

Have you considered what flight stick you want to get?

No idea at all. Somehow I've avoided purchasing one so far. I'm definitely open for suggestions of simple, reasonably priced ones though.

We have a conversation going in this thread about what flight sticks they are using/going to use for StarCitizen.

I really don't like MMOs, I lives freelancer and tachyon but games without a story really bore me. BUT I'm really enjoying elite dangerous. They've put a lot of work in to the detail and mechanics and it makes the game really immersive. Every aspect of the game has its own set of complexities and the game never really explains anything so you feel like you're discovering new things all the time.

I definitely recommend it.

I swapped out my sidewinder last night, for a cobra III, and it was a terrible move, as I was unable to outfit it much beyond the initial loadout. (the Cobra is rather expensive)
I then "downgraded" to a Viper, and I still feel like I would be better off with the Sidewinder.

In short, when upgrading your ship, unless you are just doing explorer or trading, if you don't have the extra cash to beef up the equipment and weapons, you really have to change your choice of missions. I went from doing bounty missions, to courier runs, because my new ship couldn't cut it with the equipment I could buy.

Good advice. I remember when playing EVE I would always wait until I had like double the price of a ship that I wanted to buy so that I had enough to cover all new outfits, etc. Its kind of a bummer having the cash to purchase a "better" ship, but settling for a fully loaded lower grade one though sometimes.

I'm a big fan of FFE (frontier first encounters) this games predecessor and ive not played elite dangerous yet. I guess I worry it just won't live up to my expectations. I imagine one day I'll try it.

Anyone played this coming from the old games that set the genre?


How do you think it compares?
E: that is if it even should be compared to their older games.

I'm not sure it should be compared.

I mean, how do you compare these two?

Though, this is a better version for translating to modern keyboards.

That music.. I haven't heard in so long :D and runs games! amazing.

Its a good point, cant really compare on the graphics. so much fun though, even now FFE is nice with GLFFE and FFE D3D.

Pretty sure i need to get the game sometime, though i wonder if its worth waiting until expansions.

Yep, the internet archives uploaded a bunch of DOS games:

I recommend Sex Vixens from Space:

I've just got it a couple days ago, decided I didnt like it but because I left the game open while my pc was in stand by I no longer qualified for the refund. After being forced to play so it didnt end up being a waste of money its slowly growing on me...

Been beta testing a few games, but I play the crap out of Elite: Dangerous.
I fly under A-Lavigny Duval, but just because 20% bounty credits. And it was #1 ranked. I have the same in game name, so anyone feel free to add me. I'm in the Atlantic time zone +1 to eastern. I've only got an Imperial Clipper and a Vulture. I switch between trading and Bounty hunting, do missions and such. Working up money to get a few various ships. I'm excited for the upcoming expansion.

BTW I loved your video with the Frontier guys DeusQuain. Are you really going to start a #cultofQuain? :)
Player driven factions has me intrigued. I hope they do more with that. NPC and player factions.

Anybody have recommendation on voice control software?

Voice Attack.