Anyone down for Lan Party in MInneapolis?

I’m struggling to find any decent sized LAN Parties in the area and I feel it’d be a good location(central US, decently cheap flights as well).

Is anyone interested in this? If so we can make plans more in-depth, it’d probably be a while out.

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I live right around the twin-cities. So I’d be down for it.

Awesome! If it ends up being a smaller crowd I might do it as a housewarming party when I buy a house, otherwise i’ll probably be able to get a 50-person space for super cheap

Minneapolis is one of the few cities in the US with 10 gigabit internet. Why would you need to have a LAN party?

Unfortunately, I live just outside of the border for Mineapolis Fibre. So I’m stuck with Comcast. *cries a little

Alright debbie downer.

Because it’s the best human interaction!

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How is 10 gigabit internet a downer?

You never know what sorts of kooks would show up to a meatspace event like that - at your own home for crying out loud. These people will know where you live! Forever - until you move. The only people crazier and unhinged than the users here are the moderators.

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You’d be sad too if you were just outside of the coverage area for 10G. I mean, look at the pricing!

Pshhh I’m not scared.

Lans are just magical, and need to happen regardless of your internet speeds.

Having 10 Gigabit internet would make the lan even better.

this hurts.


Sucks bro. I’m gonna be getting 1GBPS soon when I buy a house

Actually I do, and it’s even more painful. I live just outside the 100 gigabit service area in Santa Monica. And I have to use crappy spectrum internet.

That sucks even more. You could upload 12.5 Gigabytes per second!

I have one worse for you. I get 2mb down on a good day and like 100kb max up

Yet there is a fibre cable under my driveway that goes to my neighbor’s, a CEO of a huge Corp, and the speeds are not disclosed but it’s some voodoo magic, millions of dollars worth of fibre (unlike anything I’ve ever seen) and I can’t legally use it.

I’m game. Let me know when/where/what we’re likely to play. My schedule may or may not permit, but I’m definitely interested.

Also to the question of 10Gb internet connections.

Large swaths of South Minneapolis where the rollout is happening are not yet covered. Forget the rest of Minneapolis, and forget the rest of the metro area.

Rolling it out to the wealthy first I see. My old house is just shy of the green zones in Powderhorn, a few blocks west of Cedar.

I might think of driving in for a LAN party, but I think I’d need a more portable system first :money_mouth_face:

When would this be planned for roughly?

I’m not sure on a timeframe yet, but if it’s just a few people we could do it before the end of the year. Sucks to be outside of the green zone :frowning:

If I was in Minny yes. Btw tell the T’wolves to stop sucking. They are my favorite NBA team and … : S

I’ll get right on finding a way to contact them.

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