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Male or Female?

Lingerie more your thing?


Need Sleepwear?


How about a onesie?


Here’s the website for the underwear specifically


Only $200 on the official store.




the food?


The sticker thing for nips


Does tape count?


flac still has compression its just ‘lossless’

but flac and ogg generally regarded pretty good actually


we got spoilers back ya knob


Not even a spoiler, quit your bitching


Not a fan of the cgi in Heaven’s Feel, it looks off and compared to how well UBW looked I don’t know why they chose it.

Also a lot of material was packed into Heaven’s Feel, I’m glad they did condense the stuff that is exactly the same as UBW as a sort of stylized amv

For a movie focused on the Sakura route there wasn’t very much Sakura. I mean she was present a lot more but that is about it.


no one could have possibly seen that coming in their right mind if you didnt blow it all over the screen like a dern baka


It only happens ever other fucking scene in that piece of shit show


yo motha happens in every other scene too dont see me complaining


Access to this list has been restricted by the owner.

Yeah, I have 37 franchises in there, but I think most of them aren’t like MCU. Just one offs.

More of a fan of bigger glasses, but in any case, the magic that makes glasses go from cool to “oooh dayum” is the wearer. It’s how they complement the face structure (inb4 nazi).

Okay, ditch the cat girls, this seems like far more generic (as in can produce cat girls too?) and better idea.


What does what’re you talking about?


Fate/ Apochrypha, it’s bad


Can’t remember who liked this but 3rd season soon


Twas I. And yes I saw which is why I watched them all since the first was already on my ptw list when i saw that it was this summer.


Was supposed to be some lunch reading but got too busy


If only I was not a broke bitch right now.