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Read that the other day. I couldn’t really empathize with the story 'cause I’ve never been a NEET but it did a good job at illustrating her loneliness without trying to be depressing, which is a nice contrast between this and Welcome to the NHK. Gained some insight from that one.

What about the CGI in Zero?

Do you think the character building in this movie was sufficient to compensate otherwise? I mean there are still two more movies to flesh out the relationship.

Also I don’t like the new art that ufotable has drifted to.

Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - Last movie.

Kara no Kyoukai 1 - First Movie

Completely changes the way her personality is portrayed.


You read weird shit


It’s good you should read it. I think the older you get the more you don’t care about the genre and just simply care whether the story is good or not.


I don’t read stuff to begin with lol


The story thing applies to all forms of media.


Didn’t notice it tbh, it really stood out in a bad way on Heaven’s Feel mostly because how fucking shiny the characters were

This movie felt like a primer, should have been an ONA prequel. So much is a rehash of what we’ve seen in the previous routes and what little we get of Sakura just isn’t enough.

Also Saber is still a fucking idiot.


This guy (not spoiling his true name) is pure CGI in series. I haven’t seen it though.

I hope heavens feel is not as bad as Vandread:


I think I’m just bitching because of how bored I was, there was no build up to the fights they just happened.

Amen, a couple of seasons ago Welcome to the Ballroom was my favorite show


Ah, makes sense. I like the fate series due to the romance and the fight scenes but outside of that the plot is not very interesting, so I’ll wait for the whole 3 movies to come out.


I might sit out the the film’s until bd release


Steinsgate 0 is still pulling at my heart strings… ending has me asking many questions!


I made a thing.


No argument here:


90’s HENTAI < Modern HENTAI

The cold HARD truth right there my mans


New aged tits just aren’t shaped the same. Gotta get them classic tatas.


SFW video version


Just lost 38 seconds of my life that could have been spent watching anime.


Bless your weebery


Finishing Eromanga Sensei right now, still sucks


It’s so bad that it’s good.