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Android Weather App That Doesn't Suck?

And by that I don’t mean it has to have all sorts of crazy features. But just something simple similar to the Weather app in iOS, and doesn’t have ads plastered all over it or requires a monthly subscription. I don’t mind paying like $5 or something one time.

Right now I’m using NOAA Unofficial Pro and it’s decent, but it looks pretty dated.

We have that AccuWeather one that paid not very much for, but they changed the inferface now and it kinda sucks. :frowning:

IDK what “dated” means or why you care, as long as it works? ?
Just make that hyperlink an icon?

Example Dallas Texas

I use wx on the fdroid repo. It’s simultaneously very sparse but extremely in depth. You get very basic forecasts and extremely detailed radar/measurement information.

I’ll try that just kinda skeptical about how it’s going to look.

I would just prefer it not to look like it came out in 2010 or something.

If you go to that mobile site you can leave feedback requesting an app.

Would the built-in Weather app be adequate?

GoOgLe Tho, pretty sure most data just comes from NOAA anyway

(Honestly never check weather YOLO)

I’ve had “MyRadar Weather Radar” forever and been pretty happy with it.

I believe you can remove the ads for $2.99. It’s not strong on forecast, but great with near real time radar & notifications that it’s about to rain. It does have a widget w/ today’s forecast though.

I don’t have one :frowning:. Which app is that? It looks perfect.

I think mine came with Weather Channel for Samsung and I deleted it because you had to have a subscription to remove ads. As for the app itself, it had a little too much info on it but it had a nice look to it.

Android :man_shrugging:.

I’m starting to notice apps with the “Don’t sell my data” or whatever option, which is nice. So they still show ads but they’re not personalized.

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Does not mean does not harvest or get transferred when bought out / bankrupt (I personally dont care but those words are generally useless)

I have an Android One phone so it came this way by default.


I’ll give that one a go.

True. Everything is so convoluted and tied up behind the scenes.

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Nothing fancy but from what I tested it looks ok and has a fairly simple widget and data from OpenWeatherMap.


It looks really familiar. I’m not sure if that’s what my LG V35 or V60 came with. Neither of them are Google One, but I swear I’ve seen that weather app somewhere and it’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for.

This one looks promising as well. I was slightly perturbed when I opened it and the default units were not set to freedom units, but I’ve adjusted the settings to show the superior unit of measurement.

Everything can be set up there. :slight_smile:
I mostly use it on a tablet because Forecastie still supports 4.x
It is stable, the data is rather precise, no ads, simple transparent widget in various sizes. :wink:

Of course you know all these type of apps are tracking you :slight_smile:

OnePlus has it too I think. It looks slightly different than the pictures posted (the top part) but I believe thats just how it evolved? Kinda surprised that not every single phone comes with it. Unless they are samsung, then they would have made their own. But just not having a weather app seems odd.

Very responsive and isn’t trash.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I have decided to go with the Google Assistant weather shortcut since it’s super simple, kinda cute, and no ads or anything.

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