Android smartphone with keyboard are back <3

EDIT : I have canceled my pre-order because company communication was horrible, device is still late, and hard case have been canceled.

I found my dream phone today. It’s been in the news for a couple of time but i just fall on it. The F(x)tec Pro1.

To me it check all the box !
The expected one:

  • Nice Oled screen
  • double sim tray with one who can be use for sd card
  • Good battery life
  • a very stock like Android 9
  • NFC
  • stereo speaker
  • side mounted finger print sensor

But also the crazy one !

  • Headphone Jack with radio :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
  • mostly screwed build (pretty easy to change battery in now-day’s standard)
  • an unlocked boot loader with the company pushing you to install rom (lineageOs is officially supported, and you won’t void warranty with any rom)
  • a friking backlit physical keyboard :scream:

It all look very sturdy, and the product is everything i ever wanted.
The downside that i see (and don’t care) are:

  • no wireless charging (it killed my old s4 battery so i’m down with that)
  • kinda bulky, you have to put that keyboard somewhere
  • not a full-screen front, but no notch :wink:
  • not the best camera sensor or soft.
  • no water resistance rating.

And the thing that make me so torn apart, the company is very new and the product is a pre-order. (september~ish)

I’m a sysadm, i carry a pixel C with the keyboard around to get thing done on the move, and even if this is still a small screen, i think it realy could do the trick.
here is an english-sub german “review”

What do you think ? i know this community is the kind of niche who could be 100% into this.
I know @wendell and @DeusQain are surely flood with Poke, but i am hopping they might also be interested by it.

Soooooo… should i pre-order ?



You were looking for something like this not too long ago, I think.

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Oof. I had an iPod that had that. It was stupid. Always had horrible static

i’ll poke @azim who looked interested in such thing a couple month ago … sorry if you didn’t care :sweat_smile:

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oooo this is a big want i love buttons way more accurate.


Speaking of keyboards.

This is the other side of the coin, where the device look more like a gpd laptop and less like a smartphone. I think they each have usecase who make one better than the other.

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Yup, figured it fits in with keyboard. I hope Samsung brings back the keyboard cover.


Found something better.

But this is cool too. At least till that hinge breaks after a month.

pffff i’m not 12 anymore :roll_eyes: I can control myself and not flip my phone all the time :lying_face:
I have no idea what you are talking about :fearful:


Hmmmm… Did they post specs?

XDD I don’t mean you. I’m looking at the engineering side of the hinge. Seems to slide then pop up? Not in the best place to see video atm, but thats my guess. Looks like it’d maybe break, or at least have spring / tension issues.

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on there site yes


Might be a cool development device.


THAT! Definitely has my attention.


Very nice, not enough of this at all, it should be everywhere.

Good! My experience with Bluetooth for audio has not been good. I like my headphones. And one less thing to charge and eventually fail.

GOOD! I have repaired my phone in the past woth just a screwdriver and like to keep that ability.

Very nice. This is serious brownie points. I go my own way around with other phones but it is no e to have it supported out of the box and not have to do hackey things to get there.

I am not as hyped as others for this as I never had it before in any phone but definitely appreciate the option. I can see some definite good things about it.

Actually kind of a plus in my book, more substantial, easier to hold potentially, feels good in the hand :wink:

I do have reservations though, mostly about the hinge. Lifespan is a concern. I would have preferred if it slid out like the Xperia Play rather than a more complex mechanism.

I have not watched the video to see if this is covered in it or even if it is the case but it would be very good if the keyboard half was just all battery and the electronics were in the screen, you mentioned it has good battery life either way.

Gonna check those specs now.

Okay had a look.

I am glad they did not go full meme level of stupid with the screen resolution.

3200mAh battery is fine but hoped for more, I guess everything is in the keyboard half of the phone and the screen is just the screen, oh well.

No SIM tool needed is nice, not that it will be used every day but it is nice not having to find something when you need to get at it.

Sensors: Hall Effect

I wonder what that’s for, it is listed separate from the magnetometer.

Physical camera button, separate from the power or volume buttons it sounds like, that is nice.

Interesting they note Sailfish compatibility, that could be fun to try.

Now how much to the want for this thing, it sounds like it will be a first born and all the gold and gems you can get your hands on type deal.

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I really like it. Wish we had more phones like this

$650 USD.

So. Not terrible.

Because of the nature of the phone, it doesn’t have any water resistance.
I’ve never had one that did. so I’m not missing that feature.

The keyboard is nice, because, I really miss the HTC G2’s keyboard. But after having a large screen, I have little desire to go back to a small screen on a phone.


That is not bad at all really. I expected the 800+ region.

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What do you mean by big screen ? The “no bezel” style? Or something like the Note ?
I’m on a lg g6, so 5,55". This one is almost 6".

Magnetic flap cover support is my guess but i’m not sure.

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