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Android One - Suggestions?


So, after this mess I am probably going to buy a phone running Android One, which seems to be a slightly less evil of the terrible phone options these days.

I don’t game on my phone, I like cheap stuff, I hate notches, I won’t buy a phone without a headphone jack, SD is nice to have… those are pretty much my requirements.

Currently I am looking at the Nokia 6.1 but I still wanted to ask the hive for suggestions.



Was gonna suggest this, built well, decent performance, good value for money. Go for it.

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Can only speak for the Nokia 8.
As it’s an ‘older’ phone but with Android One, it has gotten all the patches in a timely manner. Altho now that it’s showing its age (Android One is a 3 year thing at a minimum?) It’s not getting patched as quickly it used to, currently at the March patch.

Just to point out that Nokia delivers, can’t say for other manufacturers.

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Looking at the list there is less choice than I first thought. Made it kinda easy in the end.

@Baz The Wiki page also lists requirements for Android One, it states two years of OS updates and three years of security patches. Pretty much like you said.

Found a Nokia 6.1 as Amazon warehouse deal and ordered it. 154,- Euro.

Thanks guys. :+1:



Well they’re good quality phones that’s tested, not the latest and greatest maybe but quality for the buck.
Hardware and software-wise.

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Should perform just fine with Snapdragon 630. I’ve been very pleased with my Lenovo P2 that has the same cores but at a slightly lower clock of 2.0 instead of 2.2 GHz. There can be a script heavy website now and then that makes you wait, but the eight simultaneous cores never stop multitasking.

Hope the Nokias stay on track with their firmware.

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I have got a Xiaomi A1 for almost a year now. Dirty cheap and really good performance, 5/7 would recommend :slight_smile:



It does seem to tick all the boxes, thanks for the recommendation. It is half a year older than the Nokia, so it might fall out of support a bit early in comparison.

My main complaint is that it is a chinese brand. I have Fiio stuff and other chinese hardware but nothing with it’s own internet connection. I know, might be fine. … But I don’t like that idea.

Thanks anyway. :wink:



There is also an updated A2 for slightly more. You would get longer support, presumably. But I haven’t used it so have no opinion on it.
As for the Chinese branding. I am constantly thinking about changing to Lineage, but am to afraid to do it. There were lots of reports of bricked A1’s.



I’d be weary of proprietary firmware from untrusted Chinese companies. Huawei has been caught doing some shady things and backdoors have been found in their proprietary firmware.

I’m all for Android One, but a phone without a good developer community is gonna be dead the moment that Android one plan is done. I really wish Google would work on making Android OS and security patches universal (project treble) instead of relying on each individual phone manufacture to implement it themselves :tired_face:

I would recommend a phone that has a large XDA community, and supports project treble. This way Android One is useless if you maintain your Android phone yourself through basic custom ROM updates. You also get the benefit of running a completely open source Rom and kernel, as well as going google-free with microg project if that’s your thing.



Yeah, I tried that on the G6 Play and I am done with that. I’ll keep my G4 Play with the last Lineage version and F-Droid stuff but it is not being supported anymore. And I don’t mean Motorola support, I mean LineageOS.

That is the whole reason I am going Android One for now.



F-droid stuff? Lol. Lineage OS is most certainly not the only Android development project out there. It’s arguably not the best Android distro out their either. I seriously doubt your phone isn’t being updated anymore by somebody on GitHub/gitlab. To each their own I guess…



I am officially impressed with the Nokia 6.1. I rarely use my phone for anything other than phone stuff but still…