AMD starting to open-source Linux Vulkan driver

Just read this full of excitement:

Finally AMD is delivering on their promise!


I guess how they implement Vulkan on their cards? Vulkan isn’t actually designed by AMD,.


We already have vulkan on linux.

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That is true, however the open source vulkan driver RADV did not perform as well as the proprietary one.
It’s also important to have official support and not only by some community members which can function as a guideline to developers.


Agreed. As much as I’m happy to see this, we really need nvidia on board here since AMD is not really able to compete (or get anywhere close) on perf per watt.

That said, I use mostly AMD on my Linux systems, os this is nice to see.


I know. It won’t happen, but I like to be optimistic.

Optimism makes you live longer.

I should be dead already!


Vulkan is a derivative and successor to Mantle, which AMD definitely played a role in the existence of Vulkan. NVidia interestingly enough benefits more from Vulkan than DX12.

I wonder how AMD is going to implement their cards with Vulkan into Linux.

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@DrewSaga is right though.
Even though Vulkan is not by AMD but by Khronos Group, Vulkan is based on Mantle, which was solely developed by AMD and later donated to Khronos. They then improved it and made sure it would not be vendor specific…
Nvidia in particular was very active in the development process of Vulkan. Which makes sense since AMD already did the base.

It’s the driver and nothing that has to be implemented in their gpu.


They may as well at this point!

Apple is charging $17,000 for a monitor with a thermal-throttled Xeon, ECC and a Vega chip glued to it, and NOTHING can be upgraded.

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