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[AMD/RADEON] Navi NextGen™ GPU Rumors & News TINFOIL HAT Edition


So still working on the Just about fast enough in some cases, but drinks the power formula.

If Vega and that are the legacy of Raja, he right in at Intel. Delivering a GPU capable of.meeting their demands of high power and heat to match their i9 and everything else these days.



The latest AMDGPU Linux drivers include XGMI ((inter-chip global memory interconnect) patches and are said to be under queue for introduction in the Linux 4.20~5.0 Kernel which would be part of the Vega 20 enabling stack.

Either this will be one of the Awesome Features Navi™ will have or this are the first signs that AMD works on GPU-GPU Communications for Navi™

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Very true.
AMD beeing the budget king is the only hope for a bunch of people… (including me).

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That had to be on purpose. And then they covered ass and tried to make it look legit by including the ~5.0 lol.

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The roadmap has GPU codenames confirmed till “Navi” and everything beyond that is labeled “Next-Gen”. The only details that are known about this next-gen part till now are that it will utilize the latest 7nm+ process node. Well, thanks to AMD themselves, we might have the first graphics architecture codename for this part which is said to be Arcturus.


[AMD/RADEON] Arcturus Next-NextGen(tm) GPU Rumors & News TINFOIL FEDORA(tm )Edition

Thing is, unless you’re running 4k or an ultra-wide intermediate resolution (at the moment, at least), even high-end Polaris is totally fine (for gaming). 1080p60 is doable with an RX480/570/580 just fine.

VR is dead on arrival, the only stuff currently really pushing for higher than a Polaris based card (or 1060) is 4k or high refresh twitch gaming.

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For all the sweet sweet kool aid regarding Arcturus:



Soo… Navi is the console/embedded branch and Arcturus is the PCIe/add-in branch?



I’m looking forward to a new Cyberpunk 2077 GPU, but as @thro has implied most older ones do fine. Thankfully, my r9 390 doesn’t have problems with games and even runs a bit faster than the rx480 of a friend of mine.

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Really hope the high end Navi can beat the 1080Ti in performance. I am seriously considering upgrading from 1st gen Ryzen to 2nd gen Ryzen next year and if I could get rid of the FTW3 1080Ti at the same time I will. Also be a nice resell package w/Ryzen 1700, motherboard, RAM and 1080Ti.

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Considering that Navi 10 will be equivalent ro Vega in terms of performance it isnsafe to assume that Navi 20 will beat a 1080ti. But you should wait for reviews…or embrace the tom’s hw spirit and pre-order all the things!



Citation needed



Heres hoping I can play cyberpunk 2077 properly on my lowly vega 64 :smiley:



I am going to buy it all, with an Intel specified 1HP chiller to really crank the FPS!



Navi is rumoured to be 1080 or 1080ti performance for about 200-250 dollars.

But of course, wait for reviews.



If this turns out to be true, I will be all over it.

I am however very sceptical.

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It’s the TINFOIL HAT EDITION, so being sceptical and adding a bunch of salt to the kool aid is a healthy appraoch.



I hope for a cheap performance GPU and bitcoin crashes.

I’ll buy the 7nm AMD card most likely to upgrade an RX480.



I doubt that.
Nvidia knows what they can charge for 1080p60 cards, AMD knows that too. With current high-end GPU prices, AMD could charge 600€ for it undercutting Nvidia and still make a profit (unless they throw 2/3rds semi-useless tech on the chip too :stuck_out_tongue:)

If we get GTX1080 performance for 600€, it is good. If we get 2080ti performance for 900€, it would be fucking fantastic.

Edit: However, looking at the current course AMD is on (focusing on consoles, doing Linux prep before stuff leaks on Windows), it looks like they have given up on PCIe graphics for home use.