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[AMD/RADEON] Navi NextGen™ GPU Rumors & News TINFOIL HAT Edition


Until 2020/21. Navi will be consoles and maybe we see some refresh of the r3+vega with r3+navi

Arcturus will be next PCIe GPU for home use.


Honestly, looking at how they are doing in the server market, I in their position would inform consumers driver support ends in 4 years, it has been a fantastic time and bye bye.
No matter what they do, what kind of shit Nvidia does time and time again, nobody buys their stuff.
Why fucking bother? Why waste money on an audience that demands the moon for 250€ including unlimited refills?!

Good thing I am not a 10% or more shareholder for them…


This thread seems to be hopes and dreams only.

I too am hoping that I can upgrade the RX570 placeholder I got to something decent from AMD.


Title of the thread seems very clear to me.


Dude…trust me :smiley:

Anyway I got it from there:

@flazza Honestly, with a Vega 64 you will probably be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 with high settings at least (in 1080p, around 60fps-ish). Sure, you won’t be able to enable Raytracing and since life is meaningless without it, you should probably go ahead and buy at least one 2080 ti :smiley:
I’m also sure that Cyberpunk will again crank Tesselation up as far as possible and I’m note certain how well AMD’s newer chips handle a high Tesselation value. (I always tweak the settings, no need for x64 Tesselation for water in Witcher 3 in my opinion)
I also think that I will be able to play Cyberpunk on my r9 390 with medium/high settings, but Navi 10 would be nice :slight_smile:

@Marten: I always find it interesting that some people value their hobby (gaming in this case) higher than a revolution in the financial sector…but this is the wrong thread for a discussion of this kind :smiley:

@MazeFrame: Why not? AMD made octa cores affordable for everyone in the not too recent past.


I don’t trust anything when it comes to AMD GPU rumors.


I hate making speeches…That’s what plebs do :slight_smile:


I have the notion that me asking you to elaborate would be missing your point :wink:


I could drop nuggets of wisdom. But I hate cats.


It took AMD two attempts at the Octa core. Sure, the first attempt was not that great, but they required a second attempt.

Multi-die is nice and all. However devs are lazy. From here, Wang said:

Basically it is another case of “the software is not there” and traditionally AMD struggles with getting their stuff adopted even more than Nvidia does.


To be honest, in hindsight the FX8350 would have been better than the renowned i5 2500k. But sure, Ryzen outperforms both :smiley:

A simmer of hope could have been if such a chip would have been used in the new PS5. As a result, developers would have been forced to develop for multi chips and porting might have been easier. That being said, I’m certain there is a reason why Navi will not be MCM.


That would have been nice indeed.

The way AMD told their tales, they got working hardware with software beeing a bitch.


By the time it comes out, 1080ti performance SHOULD have dropped to 40-50% of what it cost in 2016. Which is about where Navi with that performance would be, in 2019 if it performs as speculated above.

The fact that it hasn’t is due to lack of competition IMHO.


Those prices seeming good or even normal is sickening. Time was that you could build an entire gaming capable PC for the price of one medium high end GPU now.


I am not saying they are good, but that is what consumers are willing to pay (or made to pay).


I would have bought Vega had it actually been available.


We may get to hear more on that and more possibly, we may get to hear details about Navi GPUs which are expected to be based on the new 7nm process node.


I’m happy it is early in the year… VERY early. Ryzen 2… well now 3XXX series early summer and maybe Navi by August/September. Of course it should be noted that at this point Intel will have released their massive 5GHZ 28 core/56 thread beast of a processor.


That’s when they will announce and maybe start showing some parts, not when it’ll be released. Probably will be several month delay before release, but who knows I guess.


Right, which is why I said 3XXX series early summer and Navi Aug/Sept