AMD PC for $650 help!

Like the title said I am looking for a gaming PC I was wondering if anyone could help me on picking out the parts. Thanks guys.

                                                                                                                                    the gigabyte ud3 is good with 8+2 power phase so if you ever want to oc it you need a better cpu cooler and you can get it to 4.5ghz+. if you don't have the 16$ extra, avoid msi motherboards on the 970 chipset area. m5a97 R2.0 is good but not awesome for oc 4+2 power phase but ill do fine. will still do 4.5ghz probably but not higher.


why amd? they are overpriced so i chose a gtx 760 which is awesome for that amount of money.

do  you need gaming or editing or both? or a normal daily pc.

Thanks for that. But honestly I'm just an AMD fanboy, but I feel like branching out to other products so thanks for adding that gtx 760 into it.


if you really want amd you need the r9 270 which is still overpriced. it's the best in your price range and i got it aswell. not the best and the 760 beats it a lot. 270x is useless cuz 270 and 270x are the same except some 270's don't have a 2x6pin but just 1. but i have the msi 270 with 1x6pin @ 1200mhz so that's not really a thing. choose the 760!

Yeah thats true and also would you recommend spending the extra money to buy the super clocked edition of that gtx 760?

If you want you can go to amazon and look for a 270 or 270X and look for the price options, sometimes the retail price is available but it say will ship in 2-5 Weeks. It just depends how long you want to wait for it.

no. only if it has a blackplate or better cooling but i believe it doesn't not sure. backplate is a really nice bonus but the clockspeed says nothing. for 650$ with a 760 you have a badass game machine that beats my 1200 euro pc: for gaming:(. about the clockspeed, you can easily oc it yourself and with gpu boost 2.0 it's really easy i believe. if you really want a amd card you can have my 270 for a 760:)

Oh alright but at least it beats a European pc lol. I think I will go with the 760 and keep it nice try :)

i think it will be awesome! love to see pictures when your done.

Alright I will put some up when I have finished

If you buy a 760 i recommend you stay away from the evga acx coolers (I own the superclocked ACX one).

Go for a MSI gaming edition or ASUS DCU II, the evga parts have coil whine and are much louder.

Oh I had no idea which would you pick?

oh i thought evga had a good cooler. msi gaming edition is good, i have a gaming edition card. it's silent all the time with good cooling. i prefer the gskill ram cuz it's cheaper:)

Yeah on your build I switched the EVGA card out for the MSI after checking all the reviews and for the memory I switched it out with some geIL because for $10 i could have ddr3-2133


ddr speed doesn't say that much for gaming. more speed is higher latancy and most high speed ram run at 1.65V. 10$ ins't worth it. get 1600mhz 2x4gb with cas 9 1.5v. lower cas is good higher speed is also good. cas 11 on 2133 is good. 1.65 wont isn't bad but on intel platforms they use 1.5V memory.


i recommend this:

it's cheapest 2x4gb cas 9 1600mhz 1.5V now and it's low profile. if you want a big cpu cooler you need low profile ram so that's a plus. the only reason I see for spending more monney is a different color:)

Lol ok that just blew my mind. I was going to go with a noctua cool and I know there pretty big plus that ram looks pretty nice anyways

i have a noctua nh-d14 the big one:) and it will fit with tall ram sticks but not with 4 dimms. the tower goes over the 1 slot and the fan over 234. you can adjust the fan so it wil fit. but the ram i recommended is good.

Ok good I was worried it might now fit but does it run cool for you?

Is this over or may i suggest a build?

74C i7 4770k 4.5ghz 1.2V fan on 40%. pretty good:) but you have a tottaly different cpu. it's a really good cooler so i think it will work with your fx 6300 fine. at stock clock i get 55C max with 22C room temperature in fractal r4 with 6 fans + 2 fans on the noctua. i chose the noctua cuz it's silent and i normally don't use it with fans. when i'm gaming the fans turn on (i set a profile on my mobo) and the go to 50% and i still can't hear them. after 3-4 years you probably have a new gpu and the cpu is maybe bottlenecking so a nice aftermarket cooler and a nice oc would be nice.