Amd 641 2.8ghz quad core at 5.2ghz

i got the athlon 641 at 5.2ghz on all cores with a max temp of 63'c
voltage is at 1.38

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pics or it didn't happen

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as requested :)

what's your cooling setup?

wow insane. Nice O/C. Sounds like you got a good chip. How long did you run prime for?

admittedly, for that screen shot not long as it does max around 63'c (uk south west weather)
but have had it run for just over 6 hours when at college and have played bf3 for around 3 hours. granted the fan could be heard at times but it was fine game play wise. got a asus cu ii 660 2gb so get over 60fps and near maxed and no frame drops that i noticed

oh and its the crappy stock fan , pic here

cooling fan

il leave it running overnight and post another picture of prime with cpuz and speccy. il get a good few hours on the test again :)

I have an AMD Athlon 2 640 and it came stock at 3.0GHz...

mine was stock 2.8ghz, the 640 is 3.0ghz but the 641k is 2.8ghz? no clue why

i still have the box so here's a image
pic of seal on the stock box

damn son

Wow you won the bin lottery with this chip. Great overclock.

DAMN! I suddenly wish I had a FM1 board spare... not all these AM3+ I would go buy one in heart beat.

What does it score in single thread passmark? Taking a guess at its default passmark score, and simply scaling. It should be right inline with the FX-9590! But 4 cores of course.
/**** ****/
Athlon 940 = 1000 single thread passmark at 3.0Ghz source
FX-9590 = 1717 single thread passmark at 5.0Ghz source
1.733 x 1000 = 1733 single thread passmark
/**** ****/

Thats insane for a cheap lil chip! And on the default cooler!!!

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This makes me feel Like a Tool for having a Noctua D14 and not overclocking my 8320 yet ...

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Sir you are pure evil for OCing that high on that cooler


DAMN. That's a crazy overclock on a stock cooler. How? Wut? Huh?

Two words... I'm blown away... Wait that's three words.......

Three words.... My mind is F***ed... Wait...

F**k it...

update, still been using the cpu as this setting but want to try get the bus up more however after 112, my display doesn't display and i need to remove the ram to boot. im using hdmi port for display on a gtx 660 asus