AMD 5000+ BE shorted? Not returnable?

Would they accept this if I return it via AMD warranty?

Also I OC'ed it so how would I hide it?



Dont send it to AMD...

RMA it at newegg.

EDIT: They wont notice that it is clocked, since the clock only applies in YOUR motherboard.. I think

Yeah, the clock is only saved to CMOS, I think.

try to RMA it where u purchased it b4 going to the manufacturer

I didn't buy it from Newegg, I got it from some local shop.

RMA is only 14 days there and I got it a month ago. :(

No. RMA is not 14 days.

the 14 days is if you regret your buy.

RMA is when something is wrong with the product. Dont say it shorted, say it stopped wotking... works everytime.

"If you are not satisfied with your LU Computers purchase of a product, please call 1-866.999.7828 for a Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) request within 14 calendar days of the receipt of the product."

hey i remember you ur that kid that ate the cinamon for Computer tv contest lol

anyways umm try newegg if it dosent work then just call up amd it wont hurt to try.

Question though what are you using now?

Mega lag Dell.

Intel Pentium 4 2.80 GHz 90nm Socket 478, Prescott 1 MB L2 Cache

Dell OTC666 (Shit) MicroATX 3 x PCI slots

2 x 256MB DDR 400MHz (512 MB Total, crappy brand)

Western Digital 40 GB EIDE 5,400 RPM

Forsa GeForce FX 5200 DDR 128 MB

Dell Dimension 3000 Case MicroATX

Unknown 250w piece of shit

17" Dell CRT 1024x768

Albert said I was featured in the live thing but it was some other guy and I did it up close. :(

lol as long as the pins aren't bent, it will be fine. i just never mentioned me overclocking/or lie about it. they'd never know even if i brought over my computer to show someone because i'd just load up the default bios before hand and delete the overclock profile settings ;P

Ah ok, what if that ask about the black lines/thermal paste on the chip? I think the black lines is burnt thermal paste lol, wait is that even possible?

uhh, i've never had 'burnt' thermal compound on my intel cpu, so... yea.. lol it's possible? just say it was there when you got it.

How did it happen1/

wow, yoda u use lucomputers?

so did i for my build, they're really nice ppl try calling them, maybe they'll rma it.

wat part of toronto u live?

@KOkun: the great lies. :)

@Admanthemadman: Too much thermal paste causing leak.

@21DD23: yeah man I just got my CPU there. I live on the east side Whitby, you?

Remember, dont mention the overclocking at all.Try sounding like a noob.


Alright guys I'ma try contact AMD then, thanks. :)

Nice 21DD23. ;)

np, hope you get that RMA.

>Black Edition

>Don't mention overclocking

Black Edition processors have a free multiplier. If you didn't overclock, you're doing it wrong.