AMD 390X unboxing what the hell


looks fake.


he repacked his xfx and printed new box.

yeah I think so as well but just heard it on NCIX Tech Tips

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I'm going to stick with my 290 this gen. don't really see a point of the R9-300 series besides Fury X. the 390x is allegedly going for $450 bucks. a R9-290x 8GB model goes for $350. the R9-390x better have some Unicorn overclocking if they expect me to invest in to that.

@anon5205053 it's actually real. it got taken down immediately as soon as it got put up. people are now starting to repost the video all over YouTube. apparently this guy just picked this card up at a Best buy lol which is surprising considering all the Best buys I've gone to only carry Nvidia and low-end AMD cards.

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he did say something interesting if its not fake ~ 4k bits means furyx = 390x

lets wait for his benchmarks,hope he posts it

that guy probably doesn't pay attention to tech that often. he did say where are the Crossfire Fingers. which hasn't been around for about a year and a half on these cards.

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yeah since 200 series went out.

450 bucks not to bad

The 2 290x's with 8gb's of V-Ram that are still available new are $365 and $404, so $450 starting is pretty bad. Almost $100 more for the same chip, the same amount of ram, and only tiny improvements.

Really doesnt mean anything. If it was one of the Fury's, it would of meant more. We already have a understanding of how the 390x is going to perform.

It's wouldn't have been bad if the card were ACTUALLY a new card. you can pick up a 290x which is that exact same card for at most $280 ish or so dollars. and a R9-290x 8GB model for $350. if you want to be realistic the only new cards on the R9-300 series lineup is the R9-380 series and R9 Fury Series.

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my question why didn't he show specs sheet or side... I have doubts that its the re-brand of 290x with 8GB, but stated 4096bits

found this on reddit

Something doesn't add up about this, since if it was Fiji XT, he would be limited to 4gb's of memory. If its a re-brand, a 4096 bit memory bus wouldn't be a thing.

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here is 1 more on ebay

A gear from now I'll pick uo a 295X2...