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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


The reason for this is that the Memory slots circuits go to specific pins on the TR4 socket in an X399 mainboard. They are only wired to a specific set of pins allocated for 2 specific dies on the interposer.

For AMD it didn’t seem to be feasible/necessary to solve that by rerouting the memory circuits via the CPU interposer to work around that. Also physically the mainboard’s aren’t really setup for it, at least not without completely breaking compatibility with Threadripper 1xxxx series CPU’s.

It would also not work with the RAM layout since each RAM slot would need to be on it’s own independent channel, however on X399 the RAM slots are electrically paired to accommodate two RAM cards per channel.

So really you would need X499 for this to work right and pretty much should buy an EPYC system anyway. :wink:


One thing no one is mentioning is that no enterprise with the possible narrow exception of day traders wants a 28c 5ghz CPU that needs 1000w to 2000w.

That’s going to be in my thoughts on … Video from Taipei. So idk if it really cannibalized anything. In fact on the show floor they had 2 and 4 socket CPUs and the craziest power delivery system I saw was about 500w max per CPU.


Frankly, if your algos are built properly, you shouldn’t need 5GHz for day trading. Just grab something with boatloads of cores.


It’s not about 5GHz, but the features Intel cuts out of this CPU(ECC, ram support and multi socket) to distinguish it from the Xeon.
Its still a Xeon 8180 if it runs at 2.8GHz.


It’s not nice - or legal - to steal a whole article’s worth of slides and publish them. You should have just linked the article, preferably with a thought of your own included.

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I don’t think you fully grasp how copyright works.

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That’s enough.

This is a discussion of AMD and Intel’s new CPU offerings, if you want to have this discussion elsewhere, feel free to.

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Once you go bigger than Ceph it becomes worthwhile to move any redundancy computation and healing into clients and into a container workload of its own, so you can more easily charge that CPU to the clients. As a result, you may want to have some 8core + lots of disks boxes mixed with 128core lots of disks, and 128core few disks boxes.


We need computex to be over and TR2 and intels magical 28 cores unicorn to get into people’s hands.


Never used netapp… but my work uses EMC XIO


32 core EPYC v1 is inferior to 32 core TR in some respects, superior in others. TRv2 has the ryzen+ dies, EPYC v1 does not, but it has 8 channel memory and direct access to memory (some of it at least) from each die. Sure some memory channels aren’t accessible directly from all dies like TR, but in TRv2 2 complete dies can’t access any RAM directly at all (if i understand correctly).

Still, if the bulk of the running code/frequently accessed data fits in CPU cache, TRv2 should be superior to EPYC in those situations.

Didn’t think it needed to be mentioned to be honest. This is very clearly intel being “ME TOO!!!” and overclocking the absolute snot out of a $10,000 CPU just to “show” that they have something in the ball-park. It is in no way a real product.

AMD can likely put out 32 core TRv2 for $1500-$2000 US and still make a profit on that… as it is just 4x Ryzen dies with some “glue” (to quote intel :smiley: ) and they’re retailing at what… $350 each for 2700X? Including a good box cooler with RGB?? :smiley:

Even if intel could run 5Ghz on air on that thing… there’s just no way they will be able to compete on price or price:perf with monolithic dies of the size required. Even at a very good defect rate, the yields on dies as big as their 28 core chip are horrible. And they can’t move it to their 10nm process to help, because the yields will be even worse.

Those slides from last year where they were poo-pooing the idea of multi-die packages in reference to EPYC really is going to come back and bite them in the arse when they need to do it themselves. And they will.

AdoredTV has a very interesting video put up recently on yields vs. die size, if you guys haven’t checked it out, i’d highly recommend it.

Can’t remember if it was already linked in thread but here…

Also, AMD should one-up intel with TRv2…

V1 threadripper hits 5.2 Ghz on LN2. I reckon with enough LN2 the dies are spaced apart far enough to maybe do this with 32 cores/4 dies as well :smiley:


So I’m thinking a loan of 20k should be good for the 5GHZ 28 core/56 thread Intel offering?


Not sure. Stock non-binned 8180M is what… $13k in quantities of 1000… base clock of 2.8. What’s the typical percentage markup on binned i7s that run at 1.4x their base clock?

There’s no retail motherboard available for running it at 5ghz yet.

Not sure what the 1.6kw chiller is worth, but i’d say thats at least a grand or two. nevermind the ancillaries to hook it up.

Power supply won’t be cheap.

You might be able to build a GPU-less system for it with no RAM if you can find a board that can supply 1000w plus to the cpu socket…


They have all ready announced that they will be doing this too. Only weeks after the smear campaign on AMD for the same practice. And even they have done it in the past with the Core2Quad. Intel really shit their pants when ryzen dropped and blow all expectations out of the water.

But of course other than the eagle eyed (read: rabid AMD fanboys apparently) the tech press just glossed over these facts completely.


Intel crushes with 5.7GHZ 7980XE on STOCK COOLING!


Yeah, I’ll just do 25K to be safe, and that can also help pay for the first year of power. But good news, a 5GHZ 28 core/56 thread processor stock is going to be out soon, yippee!



That is not what i expected him to look like lol. Always just hear his voice on the GN channel


Haha. Normally… the hair.

Go watch some of his videos from a few months ago :slight_smile:

I’m guessing he’s an electrical engineering/computer systems engineering student…