About vGPU in Zen3?

Hi everyone. We are an office who works in architectural designs. And in office our workstations gets old we are looking for replacement. And rather than buying workstation to everyone I’m planning to deploy 2or3 server nodes with Ryzen5950X’s and planned to deploy 3 GPUs per node BUT! then I saw a video about vGPU in youtube recoreded by Level1Techs then I visited here. We are a team with 8 people and we are hiring someones per project. It can be scaled up to 12 people. In our team just 3or4 people needs GPU orianted workstation, then using vGPU could be more good in second node. But I’m not sure where to start, what are the things I need to research about.

I planned to use this PC parts but I’m not sure it will work.
Mobo: Asus Pro WS X570-ACE
GPU: dedicated 3x RTX3080
CPU: 5950X
RAM: maxed out 128gb

Mobo: Asus Pro WS X570-ACE
GPU: something affordable which supports vGPU. + RTX 3070
CPU: 5950X
RAM: maxed out 128gb

Some notes:

  • Yes we need gaming GPU in first node at creator environment.
  • I’m not sure about AM4 platform, we could go for TR4 in second node.
  • I have little bit experiment with PCIe pass-through in ESXi but not GPU.
  • I’m also not sure about this mobo but looks like just this one has triple PCIe x8 support.
  • I never tried to use vGPU in my life, I’m not sure about it will be practical in my situation but I think most of our workstations uses Quadro K620(2014 28nm GM107-850-A2) It is not powerful just works for very little bit hardware acceleration and for display purposes.
  • And how can I cool that vGPU supported cards? I saw some S7150’s and they don’t have fan while pulling damn 265 watt

Thanks for your interest and time. Have a great day!

you need to pay licensing and server class cards for their setup, AMD you only need workstation class cards and if I’m correct no licensing fees

or you need to be a installation wizard and use old outdated hardware and kernels, and even still its flakey

this is true if you want multiple users per card, it’s been a while since I looked into single gpu single user

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How powerful should those vGPUs be? If they’re only for video acceleration, Intel UHD graphics support that in the form of GVT-g for up to 8 (or maybe 16 not sure) vGPUs. Have a look here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel_GVT-g

It’s not as daunting as it looks like. The catch is that it’s seems to be only supported on kvm and Xen hypervisors (so Proxmox, oVirt, XCP-ng, XenServer). I’ve used it myself and it’s pretty nice but obviously the performance is not the greatest. The good thing is that you can try it out for yourself if you have any Intel with HD Graphics 6000+ .

Using grid those GPUs would work: http://www.nvidia.com/object/grid-certified-servers.html

And SRIOV on the AMD front: FirePro S7150, S7150x2, Radeon Pro V320, V340, Radeon Instinct MI6, MI8, MI25, MI50/60, MI100

The documentation on AMD mxgpu on VMware is pretty good: https://drivers.amd.com/relnotes/amd_mxgpu_deploymentguide_vmware.pdf

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