AMD Radeon Pro v320/v340 Questions

I have a few questions pertaining to these Vega-based cards.

v320 (looks like down-clocked Vega 64):

  • Does it support SR-IOV or MxGPU?
  • Can it be split amongst multiple VMs?

v340 (2x Vega 56’s):

  • Does this card have MxGPU configuration(s) compatible with macOS?

Both cards:

  • Are they fully supported in macOS?

I would like to bring attention to this as well:

The v340 appears to have official support, but I wonder how the OS will treat it (compute-only or full video card). Also wondering if hardware video encoding is present once guest VM(s) get a hold of it. My concern is with availability of the card’s full feature set in a virtualised environment.

Aside from that, I have a few mixed sources, pointing to the possibility that the v320 may have SR-IOV:

However, can’t verify everything yet. What is a Radeon Pro v540? Is that a typo? Did the person mentioning the v320 really mean v340 instead?

Originally asked here:

I derped there, I mean the v520. Sorry about that.

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All good. Should have seen the mistake I made a short while ago (original post on TechPowerUp forums) :rofl:

I’ve decided to get the v320 for the time being, since I was able to do so for under 600 USD. I’ll look into the v340 in the future if prices drop, since I still want a GPU that can be split amongst multiple VMs.

I have a V620 and it’s essentially a W6800 that allows to be split up pretty much, the cards are okayish but still planning on buying Teslas still as they have way less headaches.

And $600 for a V320 seems kinda a rip off, we had the V340s at work for out Stadia DEV machines and they are kinda meh performance wise due to being a cut down Vega 56.

I have to agree, it does seem a bit pricey for what it offers. Even though the chip itself isn’t cut down, the lower clocks are a pain to work with. And mine has a blower-style cooler on it. I’m pretty sure it could have been allowed to clock higher without too many issues. But, a Vega 64 may be better for long-term support than a Titan Z in my case. Just wishing I could get my hands on a Navi-based card with MxGPU, but the cost is insane.

yeah thats true, im lucky I got my V620 for free from work and been using it for some AI apps and Parsec Gaming remotely, but if I had to choose the V620 or something like a RTX A16 (roughly the same intended use cases for the cards) I would pick the A16 due to it being Nvidia and supported more, but I hope the card serves you well and keeps you happy!

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Where did you get the drivers for the V620? I picked one up from a hardware recycler and am trying to get it setup on a testbed Proxmox box.

I’d love any guidance you have in your use of this card.

Everything from AMD is just saying it’s a public cloud offering only


I’m trying to find drivers to get this working, where did you find them, and/or care to share?

I ended up having to give up my v320 after making no progress with it. The PCI memory requirements were too high for my current server, and I wouldn’t be able to test it until I move to the DL580 Gen9. That won’t be for quite a while, sadly.

I’ve managed to get my hands on a Radeon Pro v340. I’ll have to see if it even works on a server as old as mine. Otherwise, I’ll still have to wait until I move out to test the new card…