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About to give up


X79 is the best value to performance if you know how to overclock it. You can get a E5-1660 to the same level and above to a Ryzen 5 1600, and you get 40 PCI-E 2.0 lanes.

Best part: It natively supports Windows 7. Ryzen can’t do that, cause M$.

If you just need a ton of cores and don’t care about clock speed, X79 works too with the E5-2xxx CPUs which are dirt cheap.

X58 is starting to really age, I’d go for X79 if you can find a good overclocking motherboard (AsRock and Gigabyte are recommended) for cheap. If you get a used X99 system, you risk not knowing if your CPU is 28 PCI-E lanes or 40 PCI-E lanes. You also have to deal with FIVR, which is extremely sensitive to higher overclocks and AVX can overload the FIVR.


Good to know. Do you have any recommendations for a cooler? I was thinking a noctua nh-d15.


Replied in the other thread for you.


So, it’s getting worse before it’s getting better. I’ve lost even more friends and they all blame me for being stubborn and that I should have known better long ago.

Somehow death is still an option when it comes to this.


Is there anything we can do to help?


One friend came back to me, only to return to the same behavior that “You should be living up to society’s standards. Stop being stubborn.”

My replacement processor is in the region, but won’t ship on weekends cause business days are weekdays.

Now add the fact the Meltdown bug invalidates people’s perception of the Intel CPU you were having shipped to you to try to explain the benefits of this dumpster diver configuration…

I’m going to fail.


I believe you can do this! You are so smart and I feel so bad for you.


I firmly believe that you only grow from your failures, that is if you slow down and think about the how and why. With tech some of it is random thought.


I have to take the burden and responsibility to use Intel and Nvidia cause they are both hated from a business standpoint and from a FOSS standpoint (though for that, it’s more a Nvidia problem) and I made terrible choices and I wish I saved up for Threadripper.

I was so insistent on telling people this is the ultimate budget dumpster diver extreme overclocker, but Meltdown and Nvidia’s continued reluctance with Nouveau with the stupidity with Wayland means I made hardware choices that go against the “proper” way forward to disconnect from the monopoly that is Microsoft.

I wish I could use Kdenlive for everything, but Adobe is still what the industry uses so I can’t abandon that… At least it’s more tolerable on OSX than on Windows 10.

I have to beat myself up each time Nvidia makes a wrong move to say “Oh, use our Generic Buffer Manager instead of the specified one for Wayland cause we do things our way.” or when Intel does this BS with Meltdown and having known about it months before hand and AMD fanboys rejoice that Meltdown doesn’t affect them and I beat myself up for not going Threadripper to setup Passthrough VMs on that with a Windows 10 VM, a pfsense VM to shelter my network from Windows 10, and a PiHole VM to act as a DNS server on the same machine. That’s what I should have done, but I hate myself for not having the funds for Threadripper when I wasted so much money building up this X79 build.

No, I cannot be happy with what I have when the world threw this many things against me.


I wish I could help. If I had the money to support you I would. I hate to see people fail and the impact it leaves on them.


My point and pride is more hurt when other companies do stupid things that make them look bad and me look bad. I’ve been through this too many times. I have to take this pain and take the brunt of it, cause I deserve it.


I have no rights. I was stability testing a 24hr run of a Unity game that uses AVX instructions with my supposed final OC and my abusive Dad pulled the plug while I was out. I have no rights cause he owns where I live.

People then always tell me “Well, why are you overclocking this? You’re running it out of spec, it’s your fault everything breaks and you have no one to blame but yourself. Grow up.”

It’s always my fault. I have no rights, I don’t do things right, my pain runs so deep that nobody will understand me and those that try, I always become a burden to.

I don’t deserve success. Not only from Meltdown taking away the credibility of my build from people saying “Wow, you built a system that’s going to lose 30% of it’s performance? AMD Master Race.”

Now I really want to give up.


Have you considered you may be harming yourself with this obsession?


I have nowhere left to go. I was fired from the position with conventions from which I loved and I’m never allowed back. I needed to distract myself to cope, and this X79 build is what I did for the last year to cope with that much loss. From losing my previous intense passions, to all my friends from those fan communities. I have virtually nothing left. All I have is this build.


Have you tried to apply for another job?


I have one right now, but according to my old friends from those fan communities, nothing is legitimate until I am a full time white collar worker.


I would say stop letting your friends control your feelings to this degree but also getting a full time job means full time money…


My Asperger’s automatically makes my cold calling capabilities impaired compared to others. But people choose to believe all people with autism can easily get work and it’s just they’re lazy…

Battling that perception with my former friends ALWAYS meant I lost, cause it’s a societal expectation and if you can’t meet it, you’re not “normal.”


There are other jobs besides sales


My pain meant I made myself look like someone who’s stubborn and lazy to always make excuses. I couldn’t explain this properly and I lost so many friends cause nobody tolerates me.