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About to give up


If you’re picking up a new CPU, I’d recommend going for the 1650 v2 instead of the 1660. Looks like it has higher base clock and the ivy bridge architecture should perform a bit better than Sandy bridge. The IMC may even be a bit better. I checked on eBay and you can pick up the 1650 v2 for $120, so it’s cheaper, too.


12MB cache I think though. E5-1660 has 15MB of Cache and doesn’t have the OC regression of Ivy Bridge. Clock speeds can’t reach the same level of insanity as Sandy Bridge.



I got to cheat a little because my motherboard has 1-click automatic overclocking. I used that as my starting point. It got to 4.6Ghz, but I backed off to 4.5. I started doing more 3D rendering and my PC would crash occasionally if I tried making the resolution too high. I backed down again to 4.4Ghz.

What takes longer?
A render that goes 5% slower or 2 renders because the 1st one crashed.


I know what’s causing the majority of the stress now. It’s pushing the Memory I/O too far. I know this so I should have always kept to the now golden rule that above 32GB density, you should stick to DDR3-1600.

With DDR4, depending on how strong the IMC is and the FIVR is, I have no relative confidence to go beyond 2133. Then again, I’d need to experience that, but I know the System Agent rule to be safe would still apply.


In your case that might not be a bad thing. :wink:


Price to performance is still the best with the E5-1660. I just have to do it right.


I just lost all my “tolerable empathy” friends so I have almost no friends left. I’m so close to thinking about killing myself because I have no friends willing to help out cause I lost pretty much all of them. I have contact cleaner I bought for cleaning my PCI-E connectors and power connections. I think I should just ingest that.


Humans suck… Build something that will last!


Need a replacement E5-1660 for that.

Also, I was building my brother a system and was gonna give him my old GTX 770, but one of my “so called friends” promised to fix a broken analog output, but I just lost that friend so he now has my card and I can never get it back. My brother is now using my GTX 1060 from my system for now. I give up on my own system before I get a replacement processor. It shall remain in pieces.


I give up.

I give up on everything.

Videos for Wendell, my GTX 1060, and possibly my life.

What’s the point in living when most everyone hates your guts?

I’m committing suicide on Xmas day.


You can’t speak for others. Certainly people here don’t feel that way. Life isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world, there’s lots of ups and downs, sometimes more downs that ups for a while. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile.


The fuck are you talking about, you are what like early 20s ? Man the whole life is in front of you. No matter how bad you think you have it there is always a way out of the situation and suicide is not one of them. Friends come and go, in my life even though I am only 25 I had till now more than 100 people that I called friends. They also called me a friend. Do you know with how much I keep in touch? Only 2. But that is not a thing to be sad about.

You can find friends around you if you just look. But you should know that having friends is a two way stream of communication, do not just wait on them to call you. Call them, get in touch.
Also don’t overdo it, because just as how you have some work and can’t go out with them they have those moments sometimes, sometimes they may not want to come out with you - it has happened to all of us.

I understand sometimes sadness is crushing but you must know that there are 7 FUCKING BILLION people on this planet and there are LITERALLY ( I don’t use this word often ) HUNDREDS of people who share your exact believes and could be the friends you have always looked for ! You just have to find them.

Actually all of us here in the forum are kinda friends. Because we care for you we tried to stop you from overclocking the processor because we know what would of happened if you failed again. It is not that we did not want you to succeed but because we already felt the same pain you are feeling right now. The pain of failing. It is one the many failing that you will have in your life but it necessary.

The best way to become better is though failure, because then every time you are about to make the same mistake you will remember that feeling of pain and that will stop you from making the same mistake twice.

I have failed a lot in my life, with my first computer ( barely had money and destroyed the pins on the motherboard, lied on my bed for a week and cried over my failure ). My second relationship was a total mess ( don’t wanna talk about it it was the same as before but for a month ). What I am trying to tell you is those moments come and go. No matter how bad you feel right now it will pass with time. You will not forget it but it will be for the better of you.

You can always find a new way to work for Wendell even when you are missing a good machine. You can talk with him if he needs some help with splitting the audio from the video on the news so they can be uploaded as a “radio stream thingy” I see he is not the fastest with that.

This will not replace what you wanted to do initially but it is a good start. Get it going then find something else that you can do with what you have at your hands at the moment. With time try to collect money and get yourself a new processor just please don’t overclock it this time. Processors used for work should not be overclocked just because of stability. there will be like 15% difference in performance at max. This is really not a big deal just let it run overnight.

So what do you think after all my rambling ? How is this does it sound like a plan to you ?



well, i hope you @FurryJackman are still around!


Need a hug I have several too spare.


I just got out of hospital, the most underfunded hospital in the region, and they basically said “Our mental health inpatient beds are all full, you’re a pain in our sides, scram.”

I did order my replacement processor the day before, but I still managed to have extremely bad luck befall me.


Its like that here in the UK as well, government has severely underfunded the hospitals especially for mental health.

There’s some people who really knows their stuff about overclocking processors on the forum that have been doing it a good while, with posting a topic about the processor for advice on settings?


I pretty much know all there is to know… Don’t push the System Agent. VTT is important for Memory Stability, and AVX is sometimes TOO stressful for long term stability testing (2+hrs) so just non-AVX Prime95 is better for 12hr stability tests.


Cool that’s more than me. I’ve absolutely zero knowledge on overclocking.


You seem like you know a ton about this stuff! I’ve been wanting to do an x58 build and found an i7 950 for $40. Do you think is worth it?