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About to give up


If your friends don’t tolerate you, they don’t know you, if they did they would tolerate whatever you threw their way.

Friends in general are overrated, no need to make something out of them and make yourself depend on their acceptance / confirmation or what it is you feel you need from them.

You really don’t need it and are much better off without those kind of friends, i assure you. Things takes time, sometimes even the most simple things, can take a lifetime, (And that’s okay) So be less harsh on yourself and take the time you need.


I’m just gonna tell you what I say to all the people who can’t handle failure: hit the motherfuckin’ gym. People have no idea how much physical fitness can change their willpower, mental focus and their entire outlook on life. Instead of obsessing about overclocking a CPU, why not obsess about overclocking yourself for a change?


Dot, this is a perfect example of how people don’t tolerate me because they think I’m full of BS.

If we threw away people just cause they have hard times they have a choice to not care about, there would be no such thing as charity in this world. I lack consolation. I have a hard time coping, and that isn’t helping.

“Just get over it, grow up and be a man.” is what I face all the time on the spectrum. It’s toxic, and reflects how little people understand mental illness.

I’m sorry, but that contributed nothing to this and is extremely rude.


You are writing stuff on a forum, complaining about life the universe and everything to people that have no personal or professional relationship to you. What exactly did you think would happen?


Do you think I recognize social conventions immediately? I expected Reddit now to be toxic but I didn’t know people just generally had such lack of care and that the world is going to be so cold.

I’ve been through too much this past year. I lost pretty much all my friends. I have no professional help with regularity. Should I just duct tape my mouth shut to keep people happy? I bet that’s what the world wants.


Well, now you know.

Also this is hardly overclocking related…

Anyway, I’m out of this.


Trying to fight random internet people isn’t going to improve your situation. Take some time off from and focus on you.

@ImprovizoR is right exercise and diet do help with mental state.

Words of my advice: people suck and will always suck. Find what you can do to make money and focus on what you find enjoyable. The opinions of others don’t matter.

If you want a more constructive thread about overclocking I recommend closing this one and starting a new one sans the personal stuff. I would take a break, though.


If the 24hr stability test was uninterrupted, I would have been stable. But that interruption means I have to retest. 7hrs 45mins elapsed in my 2nd 24hr attempt.

I literally have to do nothing to stability test. Setup a load and leave it for 24hrs. It would have been golden and I would have marked this thread solved, but fate didn’t agree. Now I have to wait again.


You seem to care too much about things that don’t matter (like other people’s opinions) and too little for things that actually matter (like your own well being). That’s not a very good combo.


This is a side-effect of Asperger’s. Nit picking is extremely common for people with high functioning autism. This is not a joke.


Closing this since things have really gone off the rails here. Unfortunately, the anonymity, the amount of trolling and the lack of personal connection between folks in an online setting often makes it quite difficult to have meaningful conversation on topics such as these on the internet.

For the OP: You have shown a lot of passion and drive. Try to focus on what you’ve learned from these experiences and make a plan to achieve your goals now that you’ve gained new knowledge. Measure your ‘failures’ not in the context of day-to-day, but as how they might affect your entire life. In the moment, it is easy to assign weight disproportionately to roadblocks that we encounter and, most times, something that seems terrible in the moment will become just a blip on the radar when viewed on the scale of one’s entire lifetime.