Abnormal Ryzen CPU voltage, and MSI BIOS ryzen pre-overclock

My CPU is currently running 1.45+ volts by default but im only at 3.6 ghz, with the CPU at around 36 degrees C. Is this a bios issue or is there an auto overclocking setting that could get me over 4 ghz at lower voltage? Recently built the PC
Mobo tomahawk B450 Max and a Ryzen 5 3600
My bad if its obvious but I am inexperienced with MSI BIOS and overclocking in general so any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Try changing your cpu frequency scaling governor. I also experiencing high voltage using performance governor, changing it to conservative and ondemand makes my cpu not always on 1.45v. I think that’s not healthy for the processor to be always on high voltage. If your motherboard bios have the feature to limit voltage, maybe use that. 1.3v is enough for 4.0ghz on my ryzen 5 3600. I also posted a topic here and got no response: Linux not following B450 Aorus Pro BIOS voltage offset setting

I believe this is a normal behavior with pbo enabled.

I have the same mobo and r5 3600.
Same silly voltages in the beginning but for some reason it now keeps voltates around 1.35v which is still high.
PBO is not enabled by default it’s PB - two different things.
Your options are:

  • change core voltage in bios (with override) - you can do this with Tomahawk Max, 1.3v should be more than enough.
  • use Ryzen Master to set your own profiles in Manual mode.

Yep, doze MSI settings… I have no idea why MSI does this. MSI Mortar Max with a 3400G defaults to 1.45 at well. By the way running a 7nm chip on more than 1.35v will significantly degrade the silicone. (3400G is 12nm)

I tuned my 3400G to run on 1.2v vcore 1v SOC. I cannot tell you all my settings, I away from the machine and will be for quite sometime, but testing stability for 30 mins looked good.

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