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A near and dear proposal from a long time viewer of the channel

Directed towards @wendell @ryan @kreestuh

I want to suggest to you that it’d be more than awesome if you could put out more Software Related videos instead of what it appears to me that you are doing now -focusing on Hardware. I understand, that’s kind of where the money comes from, from sponsorships and so on. Having said so, I’d like to give you guys my honest proposal.

Most people I assume are like me: they buy PC hardware once in a 5 year cicle, simply because they don’t have the money to afford new stuff. Thus, all the videos about the new AMD CPUs and Intel CPUs and whatnot are not that interesting, since “oh another piece of stuff I can’t buy”. However, with “Software Videos”, it’s something we can apply to our lives and thus it simply peaks our interest.

For example: It’d be awesome if you did “Wendell’s or Ryan’s Setup for work”. Just show us what software you use, how you like to configure Windows or a piece of software you like. Heck, I would find it awesome if Kreestuh reviewed the UI of Windows 10 and we got her thoughts on it. Or for example if Wendell showed how he uses twitter from what I gather constantly :smiley: or your phone setup’s to be more productive.

You guys might think “but it wouldn’t be that interesting”. I hope I am not in the minority here, but yes it would. You guys rambling, talking and so on, it’s just fun. Fun. Because you guys are genuine, you guys speak the truth, you guys are awesome. That’s my modest proposal.

And if for any reason, you guys and people here on the forums don’t agree with this, that’s fine. I will enjoy your content nonetheless, and you guys rock nonetheless.

Non-related to the topic per se

I’ve been watching Level1Techs since the day it launched, religiously. I’ve watched TeamPGP since 2016 semi-regularly because as a Spaniard it fucks up with my sleep schedule most of the time.

I love you guys. I don’t how to put it, but you guys are my crack, my cocaine of entertainment and information.

You guys have more than once brought a smile to me in my worst and my best of days. If anything, you even make life worth living to me. That’s how much of an influence you guys are to me. I don’t have idols or people I adore, but if I had them, you’d be the first one on the list.

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to you.


A video about this will be out about this time tomorrow. And the video today with enermax was a how to which I’ve been trying to do a lot more of lately .


Without mucking up your thread too bad lets touch on this.

Software and hardware maintenance life cycles vary drastically from person to person. I myself am extraordinarily picky. I also basically am my own obsolescence management team. If I have zero need for added power I don’t use it. If a platform has more then I realistically need I do my best to buy within those means. I stopped flexing on the poor ages ago.

Heres my upgrade cycle

X58 -> X99-3 -> X370
.-.-.-.- -> (became server) -> (will become server next upgrade)

Fermi -> Pitcairn Pro -> Hawaii XT -> Maxwell GM100

I reuse a ton of hardware because there is simply no need for an upgrade. Unfortunately us tech geeks love to by it because its fun and I get that. Its a tough proposition to hold out not having the latest and greatest but I think it teaches us value in hardware that most really lose focus on.

Anyways I share your sentiment on software but might I ask to define it better? Unfortunately im going to be frank setting up Linux videos will likely bore a good few of us and usually ignite some dumb distribution war in the comments. I really really don’t like distro wars because at the end of the day its all the same software. Its the same kernel more or less, its a slightly different package management system and a basic terminal environment to which you install your GUI/DE/WM on top of.

In any case I suggest you throw in software youd like to see messed with. I for one am far more interested on firewall implementations and tricks you can do with pfsense. Virtualizing many appliances using unraid and on the cluster side which is probably not to feasible on their home systems is kubernetes. Kubernetes is utter genius when you understand what it does. .


Although I agree with The_Yuchent, there is a huge array of software out there and coverage is best by an SME and not everyone uses a wide variety. The internet in general is having a surge in software topics for WM/DE/Terminal-Lifestyles and even some Script/Shell tips/tricks/more, although much of it is duplicated trend waves resulting in redundant fundamental topics. Once saturated into these topics, most users learn to absorb on their own so intermediate level topics do not get covered in videos.

I believe firewalls are an excellent focal point given the above saturation that is lacking out there which needs some good SME’s and has the capacity to be presented in a more engaging manner due to the depth needed and target audience. View volume might not be as high for ad clicks (which I do NOT sense is the goal here), but I’d personally donate to anybody/group presenting concise digestible intermiediate knowledge of this manner and hope others would. I think the key in this case is the target audiences method of learning: faster, concise, more ‘powerpoints’/charts/abstracts examples mocked up over video work on the presenter. More dense per-minute on knowledge and production effort, but conversely more potential for patronage. I’d say the key is to figure out how to bridge the existing flat text sources they’d use today into an efficient video medium. Not easy; and personally my tinnitus/ADHD prevent me from verbal audio multi-tasking with my project efforts… don’t think I’m alone there. :slight_smile:

This all being said, I am biased for I am at a conflux of the Hardware and Firewall topics both as we speak while I also have highly entropic hardware cycles (i7-3digits on shelf unused; sold Xeon Workstation for lack of use; 2 years pushing SkullCanyon to limits on Gentoo for fun). I am aiming for opnsense, but may go with pfsense, while debating a firewall appliance (qotom/protectly quad-core celeron/atom) vs AMD Mini-ITX build (Athlon 3000G vs virtualized router+misc servers on a larger AMD Ryzen 5/7 3rd gen). I could ramble, but clearly I am wrestling with my own Beyond-FW project scope control and Level Of Effort issues. :wink: I am having a good time finding some answers, but not all (Level1 or elsewhere) and there is a good chance I just wing it and decide how/if I can share any lessons to the world myself.

Pardon the ramble. Hope my first real post at L1 was OK. I like it here. May advance beyond lurking at this rate; finally made an account after reading without one for years. LOL.

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Just watched the video, yes, that what I was aiming for, more or less, what a coincidence! Thank you Wendell :heart:

Having said so, if I get into specifics, I was more thinking of and let me show you an example or two from your distant past: or one my favorite videos from you from all times

I guess I just wanted to “express” that I find New Hardware Videos kind of… “repetitive”, especially with motherboards and CPUs, way less so with for example this video from Ryan and that that other people might share the same sentiment.

You @wendell in particular are a very, very knowledgeable person about computing in general, and your opinion more often than not about things is not only correct but interesting. I’d love to hear more of that opinion on the software side of things! And @ryan is also great, coupled with a great amount of humor. @kreestuh has a great deal of knowledge in her area of expertise, and I’d love to see a non-ironic video of her destroying UIs (Slight Reference to: :smiley:

Anyhow, thanks for listening to feedback :slight_smile:

Yes, I understand that. I also comprehend that there’s a huge variation between the 5 year cycle I mentioned before, because some people built for example their PC in 2017, some in 2019, and etc…

More than indeed. Heck, my laptop’s from 2013 it runs just fine.

Yes, those type of videos are prone to controversy, to say the least. However, it’d be great if they did a “history of the browser” kind of series, where they analyze how Chrome became what it is, or why Firefox is Opensource and so on. That’s the kind of content I really enjoy.

Indeed, that’d be very interesting to see.


@The_Yuchent Sorry for the offtop but I have a question …
Are you the famous pathological liar who was adopted by the olive couple and known as Yuchent?


The fact that you guys listen to feedback and actually deliver, maybe by accident (I assume you had already made or were in the process of making this video when I posted this thread), but nonetheless, is, awesome.

As a reaction to the video, I’d like to give my last piece of feedback.

It’s great content, and the tips you give out in the video are definitely something that most people in my experience don’t pay attention to and don’t have the knowledge of.

An example I’d like to share, is that of when I went to college to study CS and failed miserably, I only had one friend, who was very skilled at Programming, with a no-joke IQ of around the 150, genius level (and yes, he was eccentric which is probably the reason he ended up studying at the relatively backwater college I used to study in), however, seeing him use Windows or Linux was painful..
He had no concept of what a shortcut was, and he was amazed at the fact that I was capable of doing simple stuff like Windows Key + Right Button to split the current window to the right. And when I showed him that there were plugins for VS Code that auto-formatted your code, he was almost in tears. Which somehow proved to me that raw intelligence does not necessarily equal in a perfect correlation “self-optimization”, but that’s besides the point. If I was still friends with him, I would send him your video (and if he also understood English, but that’s besides the point again).

On the other side of the fence, there’s me. All of what you mention in the video I already do in my day to day regular computing, in a big way because I’ve watch you guys for years, so the video was relatively uninteresting to me. That’s fine, however, for example, the video from 2018 of Chocolatey is way more engaging to me because simply, although I to be completely honest used to use Chocolatey and pretty much everything you mention on that video I already know to do, the last part where you give out your opinion on what the Microsoft Store should be, how this is something that Windows should have and Linux has mastered it already, and yadayadaya, aka, your personal opinion about this particular topic is what to me particularly makes this channel great, because before you mentioned that in that video I simply had not thought of that, for one reason or another.

I, in a way, feel like your opinions @wendell of what things should be you take for granted are actually innovative pieces of information that to me form the core engagement and enjoyment of your content.

At the same time, I understand that only a small percentage of the viewership is similar to me. Maybe it’s the opposite, and however, one thing to consider is that this same viewership is probably from where most of your Patreon Income that allows you to fund and most importantly keep the channel alive comes from, so if my perspective is right, one could say that maybe you should aim more for the creation of content that I have personally attested that I enjoy more than the other one. That being said, Youtube Growth is also important, so if I’m right, that’s a tough nut to crack. And also there’s the part that you should enjoy and love the content you make, especially considering you do it almost vocationally.

All in all, thanks for listening to feedback again and I’m very thankful for all of your content regardless (I adore the Level1News with all of you 3 guys in particular).

You’re awesome, you @wendell, @ryan, @kreestuh and the video editors we do not know the identity of, and I simply can’t thank you enough for how much of a positive influence you guys are over me and I believe over the Tech Community overall.

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I made another account for the Level1Tech Forums because I used a throw away email with that one and forgot its password the next day.


Well … I hope you actually go to a specialist doctor and follow his instructions otherwise you won’t cure the disease!


Thank you, however, should’ve sent me a personal message rather to not clutter the thread with unrelated things :slight_smile:


I think its completely relevant :troll: I definitely spear headed turning that thread into arguments over cooking oil mainly to avoid it becoming a shitstorm. It was fun.

Look even if its true those are the type of issues you dont just say. I know its probably part of the process but the internet man. You really got to compartmentalize private affairs and issues. While most of us are good natured there are people who will troll others into oblivion. I dont need to point out why thats a bad thing. Its a doggy dog interworld

Anyways CLEAN UP ON ISLE 151471 lol

Maybe a focus on projects and limitations. Gaming is a tough workload for sure, but so is a high throughput database. I’ve been thinking about a channel that focuses on where data meets hardware. Lowering replication time and immediate random access of network data. Capturing multiple video streams, tagging them, and storing links with a rdbms for future training runs. Intellisense on large files (Sorry VIM users, but I’m more interested in AI accelerated development and more advanced linting, framework checks, real time compiler warnings which eat memory).

Anyone have a form 3 ? The time it takes to load and process models for printing can get insanely annoying.

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