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A little teaser of what is to come :)


Wow, I went to watch some TV with my wife, came back, sat down and promptly fell off my chair! Once again, Thank you everyone for contributing, we have now exceeded the required minimum, this additional funding will allow some headroom for any extra hardware that was unforeseen.


500 dollarydoos! amazing. Let’s get this show on the road!


Wuhu, go Sapphire! You should definitely put them in the contributors file too.


Certainly, all contributors, both financial and hardware will go in there :slight_smile:


A little late donation from me I hope that’s okay :slight_smile: was waiting for the check to come in haha


OBS captures by either specified window via xshm or by screen via xcomposite, either of those should work without a seperate plugin no?

Regardless any capture card should also work just fine, you wouldnt even need the capture card hooked up to your passthrough gpu, just split the signal from your linux gpu to your monitor and cap card then it would capture the fullscreened’ framebuffer being displayed on your linux gpu. No worrying about switching cables


Why re-capture what is already available in ram?

Again, why? We can just feed the frame data straight into OBS


the capture card method is for multi-pc setups, which is what I use. I have a seperate dedicated machine used for live streaming + recording at the same time while the main rig is used just for gaming.

as for the screen/window capture method, that was just a general idea on using obs without a seperate plugin being needed. You’re correct in that it shouldnt need to be recaptured if it’s stored in memory already, my point was that the existing method should work, albeit redundant

another idea would be to maybe feed the framebuffer as a webcam/capture device, so that you could add it in obs as a video device? this would also mean youd then be able to use things like guvcview with the source, although I suppose thatd also be redundant as it would be going framebuffer->fake camera device->framebuffer

just throwing some ideas around


When it doesn’t require a heavy CPU penalty, a more direct hook is pretty much the logical way to go, but it will have to be a plugin for OBS or committed with OBS’ official code. We just need someone to write the hook.


I’d take it up with GoFundMe, this seems like it should be simple to undo.


i am just sad i cannot contribute because gofundme requires credit or debit card… not the kind of card i have…
i would definitly like to help out on patreon or with a direct paypal transfer


There is :wink:


thanks a lot, must have overlooked that earliere…

@gnif have fun with all that hardware, you definitely deserve it


I’m not super concerned about it. From the looks of it they charged me then immediately refunded the charge each time. No clue why.


Ah, I wasn’t looking that closely.

I’m not really a finance/electronic payment pro, so I can’t really comment on it.


No worries. Looks like lots of money has been put towards the project anyway, and a goodly amount of hardware is also being donated. I’m just glad so many people are interested in this.



I think it’s official… there are now dozens of dozens of us!


@gnif Will this allow the VM to use multiple monitors?, AKA multiple windows on the host?


Just got paid.

Go forth @gnif , go and do great things. We believe in you.



@gnif There is a thread on Reddit that is investigating the Threadripper Passthrough issue. Here is a link to it in case you haven’t seen it already: