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A little teaser of what is to come :)


If this is made to work, I can show it in a real world scenario with a “really popular Blizzard FPS game.”

I’m hoping though that the framebuffer to OBS canvas translation isn’t too expensive on the GPU or CPU.


You had a typo. Fixed it for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I looked at OBS a few months back when investigating technologies for this project, from what I remember it is happy to accept a RGBA buffer in the exact same format we are using now, so the CPU cost would be tiny to dump it into OBS.


I have updated the GoFundMe to a more reasonable value, $3500 after fees should cover everything including any potential shipping costs.

Everyone that has donated to this project will be included in a “CONTRIBUTORS” file in the source upon release. If you donated anonymously and would like to change this, or be put in this file anyway please let me know.


Nice! This should work well with older platforms like X79 then!


Is this going to allow passthrough to the windows VM from the *nix host without needing a dedicated graphics card on each? I.e my laptop has a gtx 1070… I could now run my windows from a VM and game properly?


you still need 2 GPU’s and all of the necessary requirements for passthrough. This is just removing the need for 2 monitors (one on host, one on VM) by copying the video output from the VM gpu to a portion of memory and having the host take that memory and display it in a window


Now if only GPU SR-IOV could filter down to us mere consumer-mortals…


That’s a shame. That would had been game changing for users like me. I’d have loved that.


I’m not able to donate on gofundme. Not sure why. All my payment info turns red and it says “There was an error with your request, please verify your information and try again.” Maybe I’ll try again later. Maybe it doesn’t like that the donation is in AUD. Maybe I’m just an idiot and I’m missing something. Not sure.

edit: Just checked my bank account and apparently each time I tried to make the donation it was charged then immediately refunded. Happened several times. I have no idea why. Was trying to donate 100AUD.


yep. besides SRIOV the only way todo something like that would be to emulate the PCI express calls and handle them on the host for the host gpu to render


a lot of cpus have built in gpu, some (server) motherboards have a gpu somewhere on them, so if you can use the igpu you could pass through the gtx maybe (?)


Further up the thread this was discussed, I believe it depends on the method the manufacturer used when implementing the feature into the laptop.


I hope you don’t mind answering these two question gnif:

  1. (Dumb Question) Because of how the program works, this means that the OVMF Bios Screen or the Windows recovery screen is not accessible unless you hook up a monitor or use a spice display, right?

  2. I know Windows is the primary focus of this project, but are there plans to also support Linux in the future?


Correct, we can’t capture the display output until the guest application is running, so it is still handy to have the ability to view the output of the guest.

The hurdles to get windows working are pretty large, I can’t comment on if or when that will happen. I have not even investigated what capture APIs are available under Linux yet.

The goal of this project is to allow those like myself that need Linux (not just like it) for work, but still need some compatiability with Windows, or want to play some windows only games.

For me Dual Boot is not an option, I perform on call level 3 support for customers and if they ring and I need to reboot into Linux to support them, it doesn’t look good.


Also if I’m not mistaken, the Virgil 3D project covers Linux VM 3D accel. Though at the moment I don’t think its main lined into QEMU yet so you might need to patch it in.


Interesting! But it seems like it only supports OpenGL games, which may be a problem for future games.

I hear ya. It’s definitely more important to get this working flawlessly on Windows (for the needed software/games). Linux users can always use alternative stuff like Virgil.


Some more frame bashing monsters have come across my desk.




Thanks for the warm welcome folks, and I am liking this thread quite a bit - every seems pretty knowledgeable and constructive. Don’t want to go too OT but I had no idea there was such a big Linux contingent in these forums, and kudos to @wendell whom without his youtube video I probably would have not found gnif or this thread - I have been babbling on about gpu passthrough set up for a while with friends and colleagues and it looks like we finally might have a very nice solution in our midst!


It is $4000 now. Congrats to @gnif !