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A little teaser of what is to come :)


Looks like I got my money a little too late and was unable to help out. sorry about that and thank you for doing this.


Its never too late :smiley:


:man_facepalming: Don’t know how i missed that.


@gnif There you go sir, just sent you what I could. It’s not much but that’s what I could spare. Thanks again.


I should have a dual GPU setup by the end of this month for testing with the OBS hook for the framebuffer. Just patiently waiting for someone to write the hook cause I’m not a programmer, I’m more of a OBS power user.


Hi I love I go there to read it all the time thanks for your work. Also can’t wait for this.
I’d donate some money if I wasn’t a broke ass student.


@gnif still need some cards? I got a few lying around gathering dust:
GT710, 9800GT, HD5850 and R9 390. In AUS as well so postage shouldn’t be too horrendous.


Thanks everyone for the support. I should be ordering the parts tomorrow for the TR build, so not long now.

From here on in this project is henceforth called “Looking Glass”, which implements a “KVM FrameRelay”, or “KVMFR”.

So, here is the first official update of the current status of Looking Glass over the last week.

  • Added the ability to maintain the aspect ratio of the desktop when stretched/resized.
  • Enabled mipmapping of the stretched frame to enhance readability of down scaled screens.
  • Added options to alter the client window behaviour on startup (x, y, width & height, borderless, non-resizeable).
  • Added spice mouse input scaling for scaled windows.
  • Added CONTRIBUTORS file for all public contributions.
  • Added option to disable client side vsync for ultra low latency but with the side effect of tearing.
  • Added client FPS counter option
  • Enabled support for dynamic vsync if the host hardware has support.
  • Added option to retain the host cursor as a visual form of latency feedback.
  • Re-wrote the frame passing code to better handle the shared memory.
  • Implemented host side frame copy triggering to help avoid micro stutters due to clock skew.


awesome progress,

with the name looking glass, will the client be called Alice ?

PS. nice to see most like my suggestion



The important one is missing.


Feel free to edit the page.


Loving the compromise between being informative and also having a bad-ass name :rofl:


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Has someone actually reported getting VAC banned for using a VM in CS:GO (without cheating of course)?


There’s a whole painful thread on it on the Steam community forums: (got locked cause it got EXTRA TOXIC)


How does Valve know Steam is in a virtualized environment? Would hiding the fact from Windows that it is a VM prevent Valve from knowing too?

I’m running a filthy Nvidia card for pass through, so I had to hide the fact it’s a VM from Windows so the driver would load. I don’t play CS:GO, nor any other Valve games, so it doesn’t really bother me I guess. Just curious.


Hehe… that’s how I feel, each time I have to deal with their drivers on linux…


Only way to know for sure is to test it, but if you have Hyper-V enlightenments, that’s one way it can tell.


Nice Devember post :slight_smile:


Wow… that was fun to read…

But I haven’t seen anyone actually get a VAC ban in that thread. I took a look at the OP’s profile and I haven’t seen any VAC reports on their account. The only thing that seems to happen (and was noted in the thread) is that the user gets kicked out of the current game session but their account was not banned.