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A little teaser of what is to come :)


I think he suggested that because the cards that are GDDR3 based run like crap and wouldn’t be able to push anywhere near the amount of theoretical bandwidth.

I guess worth testing though just to see if it works. Proof of concept and all that.


Yup, which is why I am also looking for older cards, it would be best to make this work on the worst of what we can so that old junk cards can be pressed back into service by experimenters.


Good! I am too.

That’s great! I look forward to your progress! Thank you!


g’day @gnif mate.
are you still off-put by the crypto donations?
i think some of us here can get you across your goals, but as fellow aussies - i am sure we can be accomodating.
i only joined the forum after reading this most epic thread, as everyone here, very excited.
the problem is i might be buying a new pc and i cannot wait. it’s purpose built for this. maybe i buy 2? can we wait for a newegg delivery? anyway lets talk!

does this forum have privmsging or is it because im a noob i cannot msg you?
can you privmsg me?

let me, help you, help all of us! :smiley:

great work, cannot praise you enough.

protip, loved the i3wm plug also :smiley:


i have a sapphire hd3850 ultimate. the oldest crap i can offer… or a gtx 275…


i inherited 4x HD5670s, have 2x HD6700s somewhere - happy to donate, they have mobos/cpus too. not in use. but i would prefer to gief the man anything he actually needs to get the job done. especially now that i know his feels for nvidias :smiley: “its ok its ok, gnif has a gtx 1080 too bro, it doesn’t make you lesser of a linux guy…” “… ok, maybe a little” :wink:


Thanks for the offer, I think we are pretty well covered for most basic cards by AMD and NVidia now. If there is a need I will let everyone know :slight_smile:

@senaque PM sent :slight_smile:


Maybe a little OT: what are the big challanges for window isolation similar to VirtualBox seamless feature? It was not perfect, because it basically made the guests wallpaper transparent, but it broke in Windows 8/10? Actual seamless integration is just out of scope of this project, I think RemoteFX does that.


It requires tight integration into the guest system, usually done with a system wide DLL injection that itercepts the draw messages and uses them as events to update the frame data.

  1. Dll injection is bad… Anti-Cheat, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware doesn’t much like it.
  2. Hooking the window proc of programs can have unexpeted side effects and crash out the target application.
  3. To keep it simple, windows vista and later render the desktop, its not drawn like a bitmap anymore. Each window is actually drawn and then composited to the desktop as a texture. This completely changes the way things work.
  4. Any obscured parts of the window are not there to copy…

This I am sure could be done with enough time and money, but like wendell said, this would need a lot of time, and thus, money.


In order to PM, you need to reach a certain number of posts and thread read time on the forum. Once that’s been done, they’ll unlock that feature. (helps fight off undesirables)


Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here :3


Hey. I resemble that remark.


I was already gonna make a multi GPU OBS video, but now I want to REALLY know if this framebuffer can be grabbed by OBS, allowing Windows to be 100% sandboxed with OBS streaming on the host OS via the framebuffer…


I can answer that with a deffinate yes, just someone will need to write some code for OBS :slight_smile:. I may do this myself, but it depends on the demand and my time (have to earn a living too).


im sure a second gofundme could be arranged =P


Or a patreon.


Thanks guys, lets just get the current one finished first! :smiley:

@wendell has just confirmed that Sapphire Technology will be donating a Vega 56 to the project!


How does this change your budget requirements, if at all?


We are $110 short, so very close ! :smiley:


If my CC wasn’t compromised right now, I’d make an additional donation to set everything in motion. :frowning: