7950 and I cannot play farcry 3 on high settings to get a stable fps

I got a 7950 for christmas and I played crysis 2 got a steady 60fps.. I went over to farcry and i am getting around 20fps constant.. I am on the 12.11 drivers. Am I doing something wrong or is the game just that demanding?

I am using a fx8120, 16 gb of patriot vengence 1600mhz ram, 500gb 7200rpm for games

I am running 1080p, no msaa, and when I change ultra, high, medium, ect, no noticeable fps change

theres is a patch or something like that, your supposed to download it with the 12.11 drivers, go check AMD's website.

i did the cap2 i believe..

Dont update the game past 1.01 and are you in dx9 or dx11? To be sure your in dx11 run the d3dd11.exe to get in game. 12.11 beta 11 with cap2 shoukd net you a steady 50 - 60fps on high with no msaa easy! dont judge your fps based in the villiage with all the lights. Also try using hbao or ssao instead of hdao. Should make almost 10 fps difference right there. Let me know how that goes.

Maybe try putting post fx to medium as well. 

It is still the same.. it says in game i am running direct x11.. dont know how to find that command.Im still running 25-30fps when running about..i am on version 1.04... uplay automatically updated me.. can i go back to 1.01 somehow?


I reverted to running Med settings with my 7870 because it just ran so shit above that.Waiting for a driver update but will have probably played through SP by then.

Pisses me off no end when you know you should get high/very high with solid frame rate and it just runs like a dog.

You're on a 7870 and you know for a fact you should be able to play on high settings? FC3 really is a hardware punishing game, there's no driver issue about that.. the game is just straight up demanding. A lot of people using a single stock clock 7970 have to run the game on high to maintain above 60. Why does everyone automatically think it's a coding issue, or a driver issue? This game is plain out taxing on the gpu.


Now one thing I noticed was a lot of times you can not change the graphics settings in game. You have to restart before they really take effect. And did you install the 12.11 cap 2 profile? It actually does help on single gpu as well. On dx11 with a stock clock 7950 ultra no msaa I'd expect to see 40 - 50 fps on your setup. I just noticed your processor and that does seem to have a say in the performance of this game.If you haven't already, overclock your processor. Here's an example of why...

Farcry 3 amd clocks



I have not overclocked my processor at the moment because i dont have a watercooler at my exposal.. just the stock cooler. I have installed the cap2 drivers. I have a sapphire 7950 oc.. it runs at 40 degrees celcius when playing at full load on crysis for 2 hours.. should i try and overclock?

Well overclock the GPU first... that will give you a boost. Also, try running an osd so you can see if the gpu is actually getting used all the way. Mine sits around 90% and higher all the time.

Since the recommended performance specs are for a 6770 then I would have thought a 7870 would have run it fine on high. Guess there idea of performance differs from mine.

You are a genius.. i went on msi afterburner ran the game to see how much my utilisation was and it was mainly around 50 and lower % the whole time!!!! how do i fix that?

First, if you can, I would try to overclock the CPU and see what happens. Your GPU usage may actually go up from that alone. If you are unable to increase the clocks at the moment for whatever reason, then start by doing a complete 110% un-install of all amd drivers.

Here's the proper guide on how to do this: http://www.overclock.net/t/988215/how-to-properly-uninstall-ati-amd-software-drivers-for-graphics-cards


You can also use atiman for full un-installation but it's nice to do it yourself at least once so you know what's being removed and why.

Once you completely wipe the pc of anything amd driver related do a fresh "express" install of the latest 12.11 beta 11 w/ cap 2 and try the game again.


Tha's where I would start and let us know how it goes :)

I apologize, I didn't mean to sound like a dick. It's just I get a lot of people that have mid-range cards expecting top grade results. You have a good card as well, no doubt and if you overclock the shit out of it you will get pretty good performance from FC3.

Turn Alpha Coverage off, it makes no difference visually and should net you a few FPS in game. Also, go in to the .ini file and you can tweak specifics like DOF, SSAO, etc to be completely off without making the game look bad. That will really ramp up your FPS :D


If you need specifics on modifying the INI file let me know. I'll post it up!

I was looking at the guide and it said it might destroy necessary files for my amd cpu and moptherboard.. i dont want to do this guide anymore since my computer might not boot up after unistall. I had an invidia gpu right before this one and I looked and their were still some folders.. so i deleted them.. Maybe that was the problem.. Im uninstalling my drivers though but not the method you gave me

I was ploaying crysis 2 and i looked at gpu utilization and i was jumping between 60-96...wtf

My gpu core clock constantly jumps form 830 to 975mhz...


Capture this is what it looks like

I just did a unique heaven benchmark.. gpu utilization still the same.. min fps: 7 max:100 average :37fps.. this was on max settings

No no no that guide is what people use INSTEAD of driver sweeper, which is what can delete proper amd chipset drivers. The beginning of the guide just explains what happens when people use other methods. The guide that is on that link is the one proper way so that you do NOT lose any necessary files for your chipset :)


But yea if your clocks are jumping up and down like that I would absolutely do the complete un install and "express" install of the latest drivers / cap.