$600-$660 1080p gaming pc

I recently put together this gaming pc i was wondering if you guys could help me out on any things i should change or suggestions.


It is pretty nice. You can ditch the CD-ROM.

My one concern is the i3. Go for an i5 at LEAST.

an 8320 cost only 10$ more than that i3 you have there. Is that PSU 80-PLUS anything?

I would definetly not get the i3. If you get rid of the aftermarket cooler and the disk drive you can get an i5 4440 . The quad core will make a huge difference. Also if you can wing it, 770?  :D



AMD tho....


Yeah so? AMD is totally fine for a majority of games. OCs well and does very well in streaming and rendering. Don't be a fanboy. At this price point AMD wins. 

Yes master :D



$1 more than your rig. The 6300 is decent for most games.May notice lower or more inconsistent frame rates in some CPU intensive games but it isn't a huge difference. Trust me. I've tested it. Plus these things OC really well. Which makes a difference.  Plus the GPU is much faster which outweighs those disadvantages for the most part through brute force. 

Better cooler, better IMO HDD, much faster GPU, better case and a better PSU. 

Why would you want a 770? First they are out of production so maybe you could find one or go used but used GPUs are flakey. Plus, the 280X is faster.

i would not recommend that coolmax psu indeed.

Yes, Definitely get an AMD over the Intel i3 since the intel is $129.99 there are deffiently better options with the amd's 

I changed my case upgraded to the intel core i5 


but I am now tossing up between Mr chimp's recommendation or DerKrieger's recommendation. 

oh noes

the coolmax

save us

Don't cheap out on the power supply.  A cheap power supply can lead to poor efficiency, failure of components, and even a fire.


Keep in mind that my PcPartPicker is set to not count mail in rebates.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/9vyDMp Do not get the Cool Max PSU just dont. Here is my build you will have a shit ton of speed out of it.

this. i like it

Grab the UD3P - much better power delivery.

4+1 versus digital 8+2

Thanks  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/JnzmWZ

EDIT: Woops


I'd also consider a beefier cooler, but otherwise it looks good.

The cooler is fine imo although slightly more annoying compared to the 212 EVO as it may ramp up even more than the 212 evo just to keep the cpu under control and the installation is a tad more tedious but for the price its still worth it.