$500 build for a casual gamer

My sister has a budget of $500 to make her a casual gaming build. Can anyone suggest some parts?

I've put this build together: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/wMG4f7

Is there anything to change/better parts to put?

Less than $10 over but hey, you can find that in you wallet, or in change around your house I'd bet.


Should handle 1080p gaming great.

Do you require a monitor, case, and OS? Or do we have to worry just about the base components?

I don't need OS or Monitor however I do need a case.

Wow I really like this build! Would it be worth it to change the mobo, and cpu and change them over to amd to save some money?

Eh, pretty sure that i3'll probably do better than anything else you can fit in that budget. Might want to research it though to check I'm right though haha.

Your cooler is eating into the budget, and a 64 GB SSD is just way too small


What kinda games is it going to run though?

Do not build that SSD build. A 64GB SSD will last you all of 10 days. Then you will be scrounging for storage and tearing your hair out. 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD minimum on a PC that will be used for gaming and other casual usage. If it is just pure gaming with one or two games, you might get away with a 64GB, barely.

Dude, no. I have 64 gig ssd for an year now. OS on it, some software on it and done. Well, I have 500gig hard drive, but for OS - it's enough.
Also I really hate those i3... I would go for 6300 with Gigabyte 970A-UD3P for a few dollars less.
It's 2015 and I believe dual cores are obsolete. No matter the hyperthreading... It's not 2006 anymore.


mate go with this best bang for buck ratio build imho

If you look at the build, it only has a 64GB SSD with absolutely no storage. It is possible to run on a 64GB SSD, but it isn't ideal. A typical user will download and save things to the main drive, in this case the 64GB SSD, and it will quickly fill up if the user is not careful on what is being DLed and moved off for mass storage on the HDD.

I personally run a suite of Adobe products (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Old version of Audtion) and CAD products (Solidworks, Creo didn't even fit on the SSD) on my SSD, along with two games and the basic set of programs like Chrome, Firefox and MPC-HC. The 120GB SSD is barely holding what it has and I often have to shuffle files from SSD to HDD for mass storage.

If you really want to talk small drive/SSD for OS, I have a netbook running Windows 7 Professional on a 16GB SSD with a 2GB SD card as a booster. It, at one point, had Photoshop, Audition, Aegisub, MS Word 2k, Chrome, MPC-HC, and a splatter of other things installed on it along with some video. So yeah, I know, you can do plenty of things with a small SSD. Again, is it ideal? Hell no.

I really like this build. Wow. I5 with a 950 2gb for $500? yes please. Gonna change the case and memory however. I just couldn't build in that case for my sister.

It's a dual core, physically, but it's got four logical cores as far as anything running on it is concerned. Not quite as good as a "true" quad core, but better than going with a 6300 that's still going to have worse off single core performance and two cores left over that are going to go unused when gaming for the most part.

Uhm, the 950... don't. That i3 and 380'd do much better.

the memory is fine. the memory 'Team' is seriously underrated imho. The case I seriously skimped on which I don't care what my computer looks like, you can go with other cheap alternativies such as the Cougar Spike the one that you first chose, Cooler Master N200.

you could go for a 8350 and a am3+ motherboard and not have to deal with bottle neck on the gpu i have had problems with my old 6300 bottle necking my r9 270

Again, that's just more cores you're not going to be using, and still with a lower single core performance than the i3 I suggested.
Plus, a 8350? In this budget? Ye just get a $50 GPU it'll run games great. -_-

This is a build I would suggest.


Firstly, that's grossly overbudget.
Secondly, that budget and an 860k? locked i5 + 380 territory there.

I do not see them getting a decent gaming rig under $500 . they be better off with a i5 6600k and a r9 380 with 4gb.

Here is a pc under $500


Just a thought. Have you considered getting second hand hardware? If you win a bid on Ebay, r9 280x's go for around $150. That'll school any GTX 960/950.