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My Tungsten/Cobalt nozzles have finished machining, off to heat treatment next week, then a whole lot of carbon fiber & glow in the dark printing to see how they stand up :slight_smile:


looks sick! is it expensive?


Sits about half way between the standard hardened nozzles & the ruby in price.

Wear should be a lot better than normal hardened steel & it can happily handle super high temperatures, 500c+ should be no problem, not much of a use case for that right now, but with the speed that 3d printing moves, there could be a need for it in the near future.


@Mora I am really curious to see how these work… I have been looking at the Ruby for a while… and am still tempted. I need something else other then the brass for carbon fibre, and graphene.


hi all i just got my cr 10 printer by the way it is my first 3d printer i did 4 prints and now it says no card help


if you take the card out while printer is running you have to select “change sd card” or there will also be a refresh… if that gets complicated … turn it off and back on again.


I’m not familiar with the CR10 but I would suggest you get a raspberry pi and run Octoprint on it. It should interface with your 3D printer and allow you to use the storage on the pi instead or local SD storage. It basically gives you a web interface to interact with the printer which I find to be much easier to work with than the knob. Plus with a cheap webcam you can make your own timelapse or watch your prints remotely!

Just my .02


I second that!


Me too, they should be back in a few weeks, so I’ll let you know how they go.

I checked each one under a microscope at 1000x magnification to make sure all was good before I sent them off. Here are some pictures of them as well as some generic brass & stainless ones for comparison.

All of them are new & unused.

.8mm Brass from China.

.4mm Stainless bought locally from a shop.

.3mm Brass from China. I hadn’t noticed this one was damaged before putting it under the scope, a good example of why quality control matters!

And the Tungsten-Cobalt. I’m really happy with how smooth the hole is, should make for some great prints!


Thanks for sharing those… that Tungsten-Cobalt is prime. It actually looks like a circle.


petg <3


Intial Layer Height on Cura…





The firmware really looks interesting. Only upgrades i’ve done are sound related and the fang mod.
Have a few project ready to be fixed and reprinted. Will post them here when it’s done.


dad designed, I print


Mission failed we’ll get em next time.

God damn what a gigantic squirrel


How far is it from the post to the feeder? Do you think it jumped, or climbed over the cone?


Gonna go with jumped, lowering may solve this.