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Shoot the squirrels then.


need passive deterrents for when I am not at home


Mustard Gas.



>what does this have to do with 3d printing


3d print the disperser



Been playing with distortion correction, one of the repetier firmware features.

I have an induction sensor, which I use to do a quick software based autolevel. it measures 3 corners, and does a virtual rotation to ensure things are printed level. Pretty much moves the Z axis up and down a bit when X&Y move. This is a fairly basic model, and doesn’t account for a warping bed.

I had a feeling my aluminium heated bed was warping a bit, so I tried this out. You specify the bounds, and it will measure the bed on a NxN grid, say 10x10, to account for hills and valleys in the surface. The variation is up to +/-0.18mm or so. There is a definate saddle shape to the bed, with some minor ripple going through it, probably from the buildtak.
The distortion is corrected in a diminishing fashion over the first 2mm of the print in my case.

So, if you are running repetier firmware, have an induction sensor, and notice there are parts of the plate where filament still won’t adhere, do not despair. There is a solution in this oddly specific scenario.

This is all because I don’t want to print on glass, with tape and hairspray. Seems rediculous to me. I am not the sort of guy to own hairspray.

In hindsight I could probably raise the right rear corner, but I’m pretty lazy. Those numbers are the height deviation in mm.



So using a Bridgeport involves flying metal chips and instead of being a normal person and using a piece of cardboard or some other material to block I had to be me and of course use as an excuse to design and print something

I put some 2mm tall ridges on the side that will take the abuse from being hit with chips but mostly it is because when I am not using it I will toss on to the closest workbench so it’s more of a wear feature.

Also makes it easier to remove from the print bed because that side is down and doesn’t need support except around the edge.


ooh speaking of making, check what i made last week:

the 108 watt TL lighting was not cutting it. 40 watt’s for the same or even more light and customisation is a no brainer…



I read that just now. Look at the last comment by the Australian ambassador;

“AI is changing everything. In five to 10 years, there will be dishes on top of every building, fully equipped with AI technology, fully armed, with cameras. And that will be the way people defend themselves.”

That’s worse than self driving cars. Until you put them on top of self driving cars…


The damm printable gun debacle again?
Just get 10 bucks go to your local hardware store and buy some pipes.
Trust me, the gun you can make with that can shoot a whole lot better and more than a 3d printed one.


That sounds awesome. Where can I get one? Does it come with Hatsuni Miku?


I’ve been waiting for this kind of filament for so long


New roll of carbon fiber PLA. The filament is flat on one side & measures about 1.5 x 2.1mm. Seems like it was either wound too tight, or too hot when they made it. The manufacturer -Aurarum has ignored my emails, so won’t get any more business from me.


Gee that looks really bad! Seems like a bad extrusion on the manufacturing end. You should be trying to get money back on that one. You probably aren’t getting any responses because they might have a container of stuff like that.

I also feel your pain. I keep looking for cheaper sources of PLA, only to get stuff indirectly from China that is terrible and impossible to print with.
So I have 3 or 4 rolls of X3D Pro PLA that is kind of useless to me. It seems to be spooled well enough, and uniform in dimensions, but clogs randomly during a print. As far as I can tell, any minor drop in temp causes it to clog in my E3d V6 hot end. Even cranking the temp up to 240c, pretty much disabling retraction, and slowing the print cooling fan down.


I dont know how cheap you are going but I’ve had nothing but positive experience with Inland


Say cheaper than 25USD for 1kg roll.

Hadn’t seen Inland before, looks cheap. But I live in Australia, that far away land with expensive shipping.


this is what I run and I buy it in store (the material, I have a bunch of colors)