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Because this is more of a trial than a final solution, I’m more concerned about animals just eating the thing, I know it’s not a really attractive type of plastic to eat but I’ve seen some shit.


That print quality looks awesome on those. You’ve got er dialed in boss. I desperately need a belt tensioning system.


Food grade plastics ? <<.>>


I think he’s more concerned about the print, damn rodents will munch their way through anything to get to food!

Although even PLA stood up well to mice I caught in a trap I made. As long as they can’t get their mouths around it you should be ok.


*General notice!

If you use CURA, don’t upgrade to 3.1 or 3.0.
I just spend a couple of hours figuring out some weird under extrusion issues i’ve never had before.
All my issues got fixed by reverting to CURA 2.7


Yeah I had dramas with 3.1 as well & rolled back to 2.7.



What options are there for 3D printers that support Linux and/or FreeCAD?


The printer doesn’t really matter, you need a compatible slicer


@Fawkes @Mora Good to know I had a lot of a failed af prints


A compatible slicer?


Draw your thing in CAD, export as a STL file, slicer makes stl into gcode which tells the printer what to do

Try Slic3r or Cura


So I just have to look for a printer that supports Slic3r or Cura?


No, you need a printer that can use gcode, which is literally all of them except uber proprietary stuff like Stratasys and markforged


Alright, gotcha, now I just need the money to afford one, which will take time. But this is something I been interested in when I did this stuff back in High School and a class in College.

Oh dang it too, I remembered that I been pestered by my family to get a working regular printer which is something I am not good at finding, imagine how mad they be if I bought a 3D printer.



here is a link for Cura


just a reminder



Made some little jars to store seeds in. They came out pretty good.

Also a large gear, 5" diameter gear, that I am using for an electricity free fan I am working on.

The first layer on the Anycubic Ultrabase is amazing, you can’t understand how awesome it is until you use it. I literally pick up prints once they finish, it’s like they were never stuck at all. But they are stuck solid during printing, no warp/lifting of corners at all, even on big stuff.