3D Printing Shenanigans - LianLi eDP Display Holding Bracket



Wendell tasked me with creating a mount for his LianLi Dynamic case. The mount is to hold an eDP display firmly in place to the glass on the front of the case! @Autumn actually helped me with this one :partying_face:


LianLi 011 Dynamic:

I went simple with this design, and I might add/polish it for future reference, but for now it is done and I’ll put it into the “complete” section. It fits tightly so the piece will not budge unless you use quite a bit of force.


Object File:
LianLi Dynamic Case Insert.zip (1.5 KB)

Gcode File:
LianLi Dynamic Case Insert gcode.zip (87.1 KB)


It came out well I think! The bracket holds in the display pretty firmly and presses it to the glass (gently) and the bottom juts out just enough to connect with the glass to create a sandwhich.
This is a previous version shown in the pictures, but the concept is the same. All I did in new version was add an area to use a screw.


What was the edp cable used in the video, I cant for the life of find one of the proper length to attempt this mod :pensive:

This eDP cable is CRAZY - listen. It is not a standard eDP that you’d see. It’s smaller. I had a terrible time trying to find a display, and an impossible time trying to find the eDP cable.

I couldn’t find the cable either! It’s from the “13.3” Side Panel Kit” from ASRock. The kit has been discontinued, though:

I can show you the correct displays to show what the correct cable end would look like:

“Normal” (Wrong) Large 30-pin eDP

“Weird” (Correct) Small 30-pin eDP